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Sunday, 28 June 2015

~Sponsored Review~ TT 2Color Plus Grey & Violet

hello.... image
another circle lens review 
because I quite busy with my final thesis image
so I am sorry being late review this contact lens 
and it's time for reviewing image

 Brand: T.TOP 
 Diameter: 14mm 
 Graphic Diameter: 13.6mm 
 Water Content: 38% 
 Base Curve: 8.6mm 
 Life Span: 1 year disposal 
 About :

one month ago Klenspop sends me another contact lens for me image
this time the shipping quite fast, because I take the packet in the post office 
and this time Klenspop send me 2 pair contact lens for review purpose 
because the lens have the same pattern but in a different color image
so I will make this review in one post image

Rating /5 Cherry

I'm very satisfied with packing package from klenspop image
always tidy and safe
and always comes with freebies image

 The Contact Lens:

Rating /5 Cherry

the same as the previous review
This time I will review the same brand with different pattern image
Klenspop who choose this contact lens 
and this contact lens is a new item on their web 

 Color & Pattern :

Rating /5 Cherry

the pattern's so pretty
so simple and looks like a flower 
this is the second time I trying a violet lens
because I prefer natural colors like grey and brown
so this is my pleasure for try violet lens 

 Enlargement :

 Rating /5 Cherry

this contact lens has a diameter of 14mm
because it has thick limbal ring gives baby eyes effect image

  On My Eyes:

 Rating  /5 Cherry

actually this lens not so me
because the color of the pattern does not blend with my real eyes color image
so it's giving my eyes fake look
and this lens in a grey color so comfy but with violet color in left eyes i felt not comfy
felt so itchy image

 Overall :

Rating /5 Cherry

 What I Like ? 
 Very comfortable in grey color lens
  love the enlargement
 I love the flowery pattern

 What I dislike ? 
 my left eyes felt uncomfy wear violet contact lens
  the lens does not blend wit my real eye color

 Where I get ? 
 You can get it at Klenspop 

あなたは合理的な価格と送料無料で韓国のためにたくさんのコンタクトレンズを発見することができます image

see you in next post

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