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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

~Sponsor Review~ Ice Flower Gray Circle Lens From Klenspop

finally, finally and finally I had a time for update my blog 
actually I quite nervous right now image
if you reading my previous post, you will know why I seldom update my blog
yes! I on final semester and I quite busy with my final thesis image
and tomorrow is my first-time join thesis defence
not only that, one thing make my day really tearful is university rector to be my examinator image
I really shock, really shock 
I must lot praying, prepare my mental, and also surrender to GOD image
because I am on a danger 
I wish all the best to me and good luck to myself image

okay okay
let's moving on from my dramatic story 
now it's time for review
today I want to review my favorite contact lens image
I using this contact lens almost every day
If you wanna know keep reading 
 Brand: T.TOP 
 Diameter: 14.0mm 
 Graphic Diameter: 13.4mm 
 Water Content: 38% 
 Base Curve: 8.6mm 
 Life Span: 1-year disposal 
 Country of origin: South Korea 

 About :

I guess in end of 2014, Klenspop contacts me and they want send me a pair of contact lens for review purpose 
I quite interesting because I hear Klenspop had lot compliment about their contact lens image
actually I so confuse for choosing, what contact lens should I review?
because most contact lens in Klenspop site is for who like a natural makeup look and daily user 
after all I decision choose Ice flower from T.TOP because I fall in love with the pattern 
I cannot say anything about shipping, image 
because I just receive then packet in early April, 
I don't know this is because of shipping or Klenspop just sent to me the packet image

Rating  / 5 cherry

I really love how Klenspop packing their packet image
come with sturdy brown box and full of bubble wrap
not only that inside the box you will found cute Klenspop box image
and at the back of the box you will found contact lens manual for a beginner
inside the box the contact lens in cover with plastic wrap
not only contact lens, the packet also comes with free tweezer and transparent lens case 

 The Contact Lens :

Rating  / 5 cherry

truthful, this is my first time trying this brand  
most Korea contact lens come with a glass bottle, 
I read in Korea web, lot of Korean bloggers use this brand image
and make really curious for try this brand, 
I choose T.TOP Ice flower because the name and pattern very unique image

 Color & Pattern :

Rating  / 5 cherry

the reason I choose this lens is the pattern very unique
the pattern reminds me with an artifact in the Egypt story image
I don't know why they called it ice flower
since this contact lens pattern really like artifact words 
ice flower had two color, grey and brown
I choose grey because I really love the result on model eyes 
it looks natural and make the model eyes are watery image

 Enlargement :

Rating  / 5 cherry

I think I already say 1000000000 time if I like my eyes looks dolly image
I always choose big diameter for my eyes
but I quite amazing with this lens enlargement image
because this lens has limbal ring or black ring
this makes my eyes look bigger although the lens just 14mm
and this lens very suitable for daily days image

 On My Eyes:

Rating  / 5 cherry

as you can see, the lens is very pretty on my eyes
because the pattern is blends nicely with my real eyes image
the grey color is so natural, it tend bit darker after I wear it
and most important is the lens very comfortable for daily use
I can wear this lens for 8 hours  image
and the lens very thin and didn't make my eyes itchy, clumpy plus bloodshot
slightly this lens reminds me with GEO sakura, Venus Eye candy brown, and EOS sugar candy
because this lens has thick limbal rings, except the pattern 

 Overall :

Rating  / 5 cherry

 What I Like ? 
 Very comfortable for daily use
 I really love the pattern 
 giving your eye natural dolly look
 the price is reasonable *on discount now

 What I Dislike ? 
 Hard to get in local online store

 Where I get ? 
 You can get this lens at Klenspop 

thank you so much to Klenspop 
and sorry for spamming you with my chubby cheek photo image

seee youuu and good night 

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