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Sunday, 22 March 2015

~Make Up Tutorial~ Cutie Eyes Inspired by Diorlyn Ong & Michiyo Ho

hello everyone image
before I am back to my thesis world image
I want make new post before you all forget me 
I will busy for this week because my head of the program makes my thesis under terrible image
because she changes my thesis title with another new one image
and the title very different with my formulation of a problem image
so, I must make new chapter 1, 2 and 3.
plus new analysis tool image
okay !
time for forgetting it image
this time I want post another makeup tutorial
already 7 months since my last makeup tutorial on youtube image
and I forget for share it
my last makeup tutorial is hyuna - red mv image

*click for buffering

and in this new tutorial 
I will create a makeup tutorial inspired by Diorlyn Ong and Michiyo Ho
maybe some of you didn't know who is they are image
they quite famous at social media
you can google their name and you will found tons their pretty photo image
their eyes very pretty and bigger
you all know I am very ambitious with bigger eyes image
although lot people think I already have bigger eyes
actually my eyes very small and I have lot question with my eyelid image
did you surgery your eyelid? you wear eyelid tape, scots or glue ?
I only can laugh read this question 
ehem !
it's my natural eyelid 
all my close friend also ask this question image
my eyes small, but I have deep eyelid
and before I turn into a makeup world, I am NERD image
so I wear glasses for study, of course they no recognize my eyelid
and when I can wear contact lens, I have lot question about my eyelid image
in fact, I wanted have single eyelid
it's so crazy huh! image
because that time I thinking with single eyelid, you can change your eye shape as you want image
I have eyelid tape on my makeup desk, but I cannot use it because my lid is too deeper  image

okay okay this is the clarification about my eyelid
let's turn to pictorial image

click for better quality

why am i using aloha slim v maker as an eyeshadow? image
I am so lazy take my eyeshadow from my desk image
just kidding image
the reason is I am very like the result image
for me, the sun gold giving nice and natural result on my eyelid
the texture also very light, very recommend as highlighter image

at least
I am sorry for bad quality picture image
as do you know, I taking all my picture using phone camera image
because my camera was broken image
thank you for visit
see you image


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