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Friday, 6 March 2015

~Review~ Two Kind of Monomola Lip Tattoo ?

hello all image
another post about monomola
if you reading my another post about my impression with this product  Link 
I am very satisfied with the result 
so I decide reorder in another color
and another one is my friends monomola image
because hard to find here and at the shop I bought my latest monomola is sold out
so I decide make order in another shop with cheaper price
and when the packet comes, the monomola very different with I order before image
because a lot of issue about a fake product
so, I make a post about two kind of monomola in here image

Ps: I cannot say which one is an original product, because I am still not receive any clarification from monomola 

in the right part is my monomola and left are my friends monomola
you can see a lot the different with mine and hers image

so this is the swatch on my hand image
when I swatch my monomola color more pinkies and my friend monomola color is pink orange
and the result is more out my friend monomola than mine image
but, not only that I choose sweet orange shade
but the color is no out and uneven
very different than commercial 
just make my lips nude image
and like I said in my precious post
my old monomola has strong fragrance or scent 
but new monomola doesn't have image

so this is two kind of monomola lip tattoo
and I prefer my old monomola than new monomola image

thank you for reading
and see you in another post 

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