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Friday, 27 February 2015

~Review~ Monomola Long Lasting Lip Color #Rose Pink

finally, i have a mood for blogging image
I'm sorry for being MIA for few month 
actually I have much reason and if i tell you 1 by 1 it will be a novel book 
the reason I didn't update my blog is my camera was broken 
I don't know the shutter buttons, not function and also I never satisfied with my photo results
I'm sorry for my perfectionist habit,image
and also I'm in the final semester in my university 
I quite stress because few of my close friends do so rush searching the object, analysis and title
what more my head of the program say "the delay is Monday."
Thursday is last semester exam and Monday I must submit 2 thesis frameworks
I stress, depressed and full of worry because if she rejects my frameworks, I must searching again
but all it's over!
and I must say thank you so much for who always support me, that is my family, my kero and my friends image
because my head of a program accepts 1 of 2 my frameworks without a lot of question
wish all the best for me until graduate day image

image Monomola Long Lasting Lip Color! image
Act as impermanent color tattoo on your lips and does not smudge or gets erased for 24 hours long!
All the women's secret - the ultimate no-makeup weapon!
Long lasting, hydrating and stay-put finish.
Colour: Cherry Red, Sexy Red, Lovely Peach, Orange and Rose Pink
image How to Use: image
Apply the Lip Tattoo thickly over your lips and wait 10-15 minutes until it completely dries up and remove the dried lip tattoo

imageAbout the Product :

Who didn't know about this product? 
if you play a social media, of course, you will found lot online shop sell this product.
actually, I am very interesting to try lip tattoo after watching a video review on youtube 
I interest buy berrison lip tattoo, but the price is quite expensive if I add shipping cost image
I always do price police, not with product price but with shipping cost to my place image
so, after searching about lips tattoo on google
I found lot online shop sell Monomola lip tattoo with cheap price 
I really shock after see the price
but, wait a minute! 
Monomola ? Korea ? I never heard this brand before image
because I am very curious so I place an order 
after this product reach on my hand
of course, I check the website on the box that is
but on the site I found less information about this product and I am not understand Korean language image
after searching, i found a china website  
at this web I found the lot information about this product 
imageabout the clarification if this product made in korea Link
imagehow to different fake and original Monomola Lip Tattoo Link

but after read the post, come lot question about this product and brand 
imagewhy in here the price around 2-5 dollar but in the web i found around 20 dollar and the seller claim if the price is 5 dollar is original product
imagewhy in korea site the information is not detail as china web ?
wish Monomola CS contact me and answer my question 

imageThe Packing :

Rating / 5 Cherry
Monomola Lip tattoo come with the sturdy box image
the box had texture when we touch it, people call it with orange skin texture image
at the box side got description and ingredients with Korea language
the Lip tattoos itself look like regular lip gloss tube
the applicator is small, it's suitable for small lips like me image

imageThe Texture :
Rating / 5 Cherry
the lip tattoos itself has watery texture 
so must be careful when application it on lips, if not the liquid will spread out image
the liquid color is hot pink, but when first time I use lip tattoo the color is a bit orange image
Monomola Lip tattoo has a strong fragrance, I never try other shade 
but when I read description, in 5 shade has a different fragrance 
when I first time open the tube cap, I can smell strong roses fragrance *same as the shade name Rose Pink
actually the fragrance makes me dizzy because too strong  image
but, after 3 times using Monomola Lip tattoo, I don't fell dizzy anymore image

imageOn My Lips :

Rating / 5 Cherry
as you can see, I have pale lips and I didn't put any lip concealer or lip balm image
when I apply the lip tattoo on my lips, I can feel a cold sensation and bit itchy image
after few minute the lip tattoo will be sticky and when I open my mouth like...... hungry monster 
lot many question when I peel the lip tattoo
did it hurt ? i felt scary see this ? it's make your lips bleeding ?
my answer is "NO" image
i felt nothing, it's like peel of mask and i didn't felt hurt during peel it
if your lips bleeding or your lips skin is tear after using it
you must check your lips before apply this lip tattoo
maybe you have dry lips or chapped lips image
my solution is before apply this lip tattoo you must scrub your lips or apply lip balm before sleep
this will makes your lips keep moist image
i'm quite satisfied with the result, although it's taking 15 minutes for waited the result
the lip tattoo color is very natural on my lips
it will be soft pink color but the result is depend from your real lips color
because my real lips color is pale so the result almost same as commercial picture image
for staying power, i cannot say if it can stand 24 hours on my lip
if i just drink this lip tattoo can stand more than 5 hours
if i apply this and i eat and drink, this lip tattoo can stand about 2 hours 

imageOverall :  

Rating / 5 Cherry

 What I Like? 
 the price is very cheap
 doesn't make my lips dry
 the result's quite great
 easy to find at online store
 the applicator's suitable with my small lips

What I Dislike?
 Issue about a fake product
 during apply this lip tattoo my lips a bit itchy
 the staying power it's so so
 very strong rose fragrance

I definitely will repurchase another color because I'm so curious about it image
and I am so sorry about bad quality pictureimage
because I use my phone camera for taking it 

thank you for visit my blog and see you in another post


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