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Sunday, 10 August 2014

~Sponsor Review~ G&G Barbie Nudy Pink Contact Lens

Hello girls, finally i can open my blog again image
i think someone want hack my blog, with give lot of spam comment on my blog image
i don't know what they want to do with my blog image
but if you still spam me, i keep no reconize your message image
*it's like you nothing to do and who are you ?

actually, lot of drafts at my blog haven't i share 
and in this cloudy sunday *here is rainy image
i will post about my circle lens i have try in few weeks
thank you so much "MapleLens" so kindly send me 1 pair circle lens and cute animal lens case with lovely cute box 

 Diameter : 14.5mm 
 Water Content : 38% 
 Base Curve : 8.6mm 
 Life Span : 1 Year Disposal 
as do you know i am big fans of nudy series, image
i have try grey and blue color before and nudy series is my 1st contact lens i have to try
and i cannot stop thinking how to get all color of nudy series image
my most favorite brand that's Barbie Eye from Japan, but the company was not producing contact lenses anymore or change brand label image

 About Contact Lens :

Rating  /5 cherry
MapleLens let me choose 1 pair contact lens and i choose G&G dueba. 
dueba is famous contact lenses brand from korea 
and i like this brand because the contact lens very comfortable image

 Color & Pattern :

Rating  / 5 cherry
Nudy series has simple pattern actually
but i like the effect, that is enlarging and giving your eyes sparkling image
and i choose pink color because nudy pink is quite popular
pink lenses also will make your eyes has sweet look 
because most BJD look use pink circle lens and for me that eyes look warm and sweet 

 Enlargement :

Rating  / 5 cherry
this lens has black ring, so will giving bigger eyes impression image
the lens diameter is 14.5 mm, but it's look 16 mm when use
and with black dot, will giving sparkling impression too image

 On My Eyes :

Rating  / 5 cherry
actually color from this contact lens is not too show on my eyes image
the color is more darker than i hope
I hope the color is bright pink image
but I like the sparkling effect of the contact lens
for comfort, this lens is actually quite a bit whippy in my eyes image
and I only use it for 5-6 hours
because my eyes do not feel comfortable because contact lenses rather thick and a little whippy image

 Overall :
Rating  / 5 cherry

 What I Like ? 
 I love so much nudy pattern
 enlarging effect
 giving sparkling impression

 What I Dislike ? 
 lil a bit whippy and not too comfortable
 the color is not bright as i want

 Where I Get ? 
 This Review sponsor by MapleLens
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thank you for visit my blog 
jaa ne 

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