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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

~ Tutorial & Tips ~ How To Wash Your Wigs ?

hy girllss 
This post has been a long time i saved in my draft image
but i become so lazy to post it image
and in this post i will share about a tutorial and some tips too image
who doesn't know wig ? image
wig is a must item now days... because i saw lots of bloggers wore wig on their post image
but... did you properly take care your wig ? image
same as our hair, wig also needs to wash
but some people didn't understand and afraid washes the wig image
because, got lots people seems fail when washing their wig.. 
same as my friends, she helped me wash my old wig
my wig becomes very serious because she makes a mistake when washing it image
the mistake when you wash your wig get your wig become more tangled than before and very dry image
especially if your wig is from synthetic hair
but, if you didn't wash your wig image
your wig will smelly because of your sweat when use it 
even if you just use it when taking photos for your blog image
but it will give a bad smell on the wig cap image
and sometimes insects such as fleas and cockroaches will stay inside our wigs image

The photo below is my way to wash my wig  image
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image Tips :
image Here I use a conditioner that serves to soften the hair, so the wig will still soft as first purchased, but you can use your regular conditioner. /optimal 
image Never wash the wig with shampoo and fabric softener, because it would make the wig texture becomes coarse and certainly will make a wig become tangled. 
image comb the wig before washing, this can help cleanse wigs deeply when the wig is dry of course will make wig easy to comb 
image don't use warm water when wash your wig
image let stand for 3-5 minutes in conditioner water and shake it to remove impurities such as dust on the wig
image washing the wig until it is clean so that no residual conditioner on the wig, 
image after the cleaner, let stand in a wig on a clean towel and let the wig dry. This process may take almost 2 days and let the indoor room. Never hang the wig under the sun, it will take a short time when the drying process, but it also can damage the wig. / personal experience 

 How The Results

This is the result of processing I wash my wig, wash my wig stays soft as when I get it. image
to be honest this is the first time I wash a wig. image
and thanks god it's doesn't fail image
so, i hope this post can help you for caring your wig image

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thank you for reading image
see you in next post image

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