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Sunday, 31 August 2014

~Sponsor Review~ V 10 Plus Water Based Peeling

Hello girls
this is my second post in this month ..*yayy image
i'm so sorry, because i always be piggy blogger image
because i have lot reason become a lazier .. LOL 
in this new post i will review my fav skin care product which i have try lately.. image
actually this product also become trending post, especially in IBB group and i always see lot of my fellow beauty blogger review this product..
and i wish you don't mind preview and read my review.. image

two weeks ago gladys from V 10 Plus contact me and explain about V 10 Plus product..
and i quite interesting, because V 10 Plus product it's very save for use. especially for who had sensitive skin ... image
i know about V 10 Plus product is about few year ago *i guess
i like reading about best skin care product for sensitive skin, 
yes, i am! image
i had sensitive skin and as do you know i quite afraid choose skin care product for my skin face
i hate when i read "Trial and Error!" image
that words kinda scary in my ears .. image
it's really great when you find best skin care for your skin..
how about if you try a skin care and that product make your skin become angry and of course you will get surprise from your skin ,, that is "PIMPLES" and also "BURNING SENSATION" 
YEAH! image
that is the best scary moment in entry my life!
And thank god, that scary moment it's never happened again in my life image
i always put a normal skincare which i always find in local store
and i always do exfoliate,, image
exfoliate is very important for me,,
beside clean my face from dirt of make up and dust
exfoliate also can help remove my dead skin image

i always do exfoliate at home and also i bought a local peeling cream from local store..
but sometimes, peeling cream hurt my skin..image
because peeling cream contain scrub and when i get pimple on my face during period
it's very hurt when do exfoliate ..
and this time i will review one best peeling product which i have try lately .. image

Description :
Water-based peels are best-selling products and winning awards in Europe serves to remove dead skin cells and brighten your skin instantly. Do not worry, this product is made with natural ingredients is rice and seaweed extract without chemicals. In fact, the product is listed in Singapore and Europe with reference number 1505566 CPNP. This product has also been used by personal, dermatologist, even to artists in foreign countries.
Directions: Pump an appropriate amount and leave it on cleansed & dry skin for 5 seconds. Then massage gently with your finger tips in circular motion. Dead skin cells in the form of tiny flakes will appear shortly. Rinse off the flakes thoroughly with water
 About :
V 10 Plus Water Based Peeling in indonesia come with pamphlet packing..
maybe it's little bit different with real packing, but for reduce cost and also real price is quite expensive  about $40 
because of that in indonesia this peeling come with pamphlet *maybe someday will release a full packing ..
as you can see, the pamphlet it self come with lot of description about the product
and in back of pamphlet has Ms Nina Chui as V 10 Plus ambassador ..
Ms Nina Chui is a Miss Singapore 2013 and she is very pretty image
and take a  look the pamphlet V 10 Plus get the award for the best skincare in Asian & Europe
so, no wonder V 10 Plus product is best seller and also get great review .. image

so now i will giving you a little bit information bout water based peeling .. image

What are the differences  Water Based Peeling and Chemical Peeling?
Water Based Peeling made ​​from Rice and Seaweed extract Effective Lifting the dead skin cells and Creating Brighter Face Instantly.
8 Function Water Based Peeling: 
image Preventing the emergence of Acne 
image Helps Skin Cell Regeneration 
image Make Make up More Durable and Natural 
image Improve Skin Absorption Against Your Skin Care Nutrition. 
image Helps Eliminate Blackheads. 
image Brighten and Smooth Skin 
image Reduce acne scars. 
image Secretion Balancing Oil In Face

whereas Chemical Peeling

A chemical peel is a technique used to improve the appearance of the skin on the face, neck or hands. A chemical solution is applied to the skin that causes it to exfoliate and eventually peel off. The new, regenerated skin is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin. The new skin is also temporarily more sensitive to the sun. Chemical peels using phenol content (carbolic acid), TCA (trichloroacetic acid), bha (salicylic acid) and also AHA (glycolic acid).

What are the complications or potential side effects of a chemical peel?
Temporary or permanent change in skin color, particularly for women on birth control pills, who subsequently become pregnant or have a history of brownish facial discoloration.
Reactivation of cold sores
Water Based Peeling, does not contain:
image AHA: components that had the same chain hydroxy in position alpha . In the long-term use of AHA makes us more vulnerable to the dangers of UV rays. AHA also may lead to our skin becomes sensitive to sunlight, so it's easy to burn.
image Glicolic / glycolic acid: Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) which is used in many products for oily skin. result use of glycolic acid is Increasing risk of sunburn, skin irritation, and Changing Skin Color.
image BHA: Salicylic acid is able to care for oily skin by opening the clogged pores and neutralizes bacteria. result use of BHA is dry skin, skin irritation, headaches, rapid breathing, ringing in the ears.
image TCA: widely used in chemical peels for exfoliation phase medium. For side effects of TCA skin slightly swollen, especially at the beginning of the use, the skin becomes dry, and can causes burns.
image Phenol: the harshest chemicals used in flaking on the stage. Phenol is the effect of the use of chemical burning on exposed skin.
(credit: V 10 Plus' newsletter)

 The Product :

like i said before, V 10 Plus Water Based Peeling come with lot information about their product 
and inside this pamphlet too, V 10 Plus give a detailed explanation about their products..
of course with 10 sachet V 10 Plus Water Based peeling inside .. image

This is the explanation of the active ingredients contained in the water-based peeling and intruction how to use the peeling

Active Ingredients:
image Rice extracts image
Natural source from some types of anti-oxidants: Tocopherol, Tocotrienols, Gamma Oryzanol, Phytosterols, Polifenol and Squalene. It against free radicals and help to prevent anti-aging.
imageSeaweed Extract image
Seaweed is able to prevent anti-aging and mineral substances in seaweed also can moisturizing skin.

How to use:
image Apply peeling gel evenly to entire face has been cleaned and dried. Let stand for 5 seconds. image
image Then massage the face with circular movements gently using your fingers. image
image Dead skin cells will appear instantly in the form of fine fibers. image 
image Rinse your face thoroughly with warm water and rinse with a wet towel. image

when we use V 10 Plus Water Based Peeling, we can found 10 beauty secret tips from Mrs. Akiko Yokota image
Mrs. Akiko Yokota is a Fouder from V 10 Plus, she is very pretty and elegant
remind me with 大和撫子 image

Beauty Tips from Mrs. Akiko Yokota: 
image Use the peel to get rid of dead skin as much as 2-3 times a week so that the skin does not dry out.
image Dead skin cells are not cleaned inhibit the influx of nutrients from the skin care products you use.
image Choose skin care products are water-based, because it is safe for all skin types, even sensitive types though.
image Do not use a facial wash that contains scrub every day, because it can irritate the skin.
image Make cleaning your face before bed as your routine at night.
image Protect your skin from the sun by using sunscreen whenever you are planning to come out.
image Drinking water 6-8 glasses a day. Water will cleanse your skin and make it glow as it accelerates the removal of toxins in the body.
image fruits and vegetables nutritious high protein, making skin glow.
image Consuming sugar <45 grams each day to prevent your face looks swollen.
image Cardio exercises to make your skin glow as it stimulates blood flow.

 The Peeling :

this is the peeling sachet look a like,
every sachet contain 2 ml of peeling..
for me, i can use this peeling in 1 time use, because i use this peeling around face and neck 

Ingredients:Aqua/Water, Glycerin, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Dicocodimonium Chloride, Steartrimonium Bromide, Isopropyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Oryza Sativa (rice) bran extract, Algae Extract, Butylene Glycol.
2 ml (real size 50 ml)
Made in Japan

 Swatch :

V 10 Plus Water Based Peeling texture like water gel, 
it is look water and little bit thick when i touch 
and giving soothing / cold sensation when i spread it on my skin image
this peeling is odorless or no contain fragrance

 On My Face :

you can see at my nose part.. that is dirt because of make up or dust ..
i already wash my face before i take this picture and that dirt haven't clean deeply,,
still leave dirt brown look soooooooo disgusting image
so, i try clean it with V 10 Plus Water Based Peeling
the result it's quite amazing image
i like this product, because i only wait about 5 second and i can rub my face
of course the gel become white fine fibers and can remove dirt in my face 
after use this peeling, my face more brighter and less oily 

 Overall :

Rating :  / 5 Cherry

 What I Like ? 
 Travel size *because this peeling come with sachet, it's easy to put on my make up bag
 very recommend for who had sensitive skin
 the texture is watery and easy spread on my skin
 no fragrance
 can clean my face deeply
 brighten my face

 What I Dislike ? 
 Hard to find in local store
 1 sachet contain 2 Ml.. I Wish 5 Ml so i can use 1 sachet twice hehe
 the price is quite expensive for real size

 Repurchase ? 
Yes ! because this peeling giving me amazing results 

 Where I Get ? 
you can get this peeling IDR 98.000 for 10 sachet or IDR 33.000 for 3 sachet
 Web : 
 Facebook : V10 Plus Indonesia 
 HP / Whatsapp: +6281286967999 
 LINE ID: v10plus_indonesia 
 BB Pin: 7CFFA628
 Email : 

have you try this peeling ? 
so, if you got any question about the product you can contact V 10 Plus image

Thank You for reading ..
see you in next post .. Chu ~~ image

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