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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

~Sponsor Review~ Fairy 1day Princess in Green & Tumbrl Giveaway

this is my 1st post after long hiatus image
i quite busy with my final semester
i take accounting major in my university 
of course this really spend my time and my energy too
a lot assignment i must to do image
like make mini thesis and now i must make a proposal bussines
and i wish next year i can graduation image

my eyes getting tired day by day image
because i must stay front computer for few hours in a day
my eyes become red and i felt not comfortable wear any contact lens image
sometime blood shoot on my eyes really serious
make me afraid wear contact lens 
but, i felt naked if no wear any contact lens when make up image

 Fairy Con Princess Green 
 D.I.A: 14.00mm 
 Colored D.I.A: 13.30mm 
 Water Content: 38.00% 
 B.C: 8.70mm 
 Material: HEMAEGDMA 
 Package: A box of 10 
 Duration: Daily 
 Origin: Taiwan 
 Color: Green 

 About :

1 month ago kathy from pikicon contact me again for try new product on their shop
i very statisfied for try their new product, when i know they want sponsor me daily contact lens of 2 famous brand from japan image
i must choose 2 brand in this time..
that is Venus Eyes and Fairy 1 day princess
i have try Venus Eyes before
this brand very comfortable and i very recommend it .. image
but i never try Fiary 1 day princess before ..
so, i choose Fairy 1 day Princess in Green image

the packet come quite fast than before *read my previous post about pinkicon 
just 2 week and i have try this lens for 1 week .. image
inside the packet always come with many cute and helpful brochur .. 

this brochure very useful for begginer and many tips for to take care your monthly contact lens 
i very love see this brochure ..
i falling love with magic magic product from pinkicon 
especially the fake lashes ..
my wishlist and i wish someday i can get this image
not only contact lens, at pinkicon website you will find a lot make up and wigs product too..

Fairy 1day contact lens come with 2 series image
Princess series and natural series
Princess series have 4 color that is Brown, Violet, Green and Pink
Natural series have 2 color that is Black and Brown
Princess series is for who love vivid look and Natural series for basic look

The Contact Lens :

Fairy 1 day Princess come with pretty and princessy box with kira kira and purple color image
in each box have 10 pieces contact lens and can use for 5 times
because my eyes had different degree, so pinkicon send me 2 box contact lens
and i can use it for 10 times image
inside the box also have intruction and description about the product with japanese language
Rating  / 5 Cherry
the blister very small and easy to open .. 
dislike other blister contact lens i ever try before
very hard to open and when i open it the water will spread outimage

 Color & Pattern :

Rating  / 5 Cherry
From all color why i choose "GREEN"? 
i like circle lens giving my eyes look pop and vibrant look image
from all color of fairy 1 day, i only interesting with green color after see the sample picture
because only green color will pop on in brown eyes image
in real the green color is more darker than in picture and the limbal ring color tend to dark green than black
but the pattern are very simple, because i prefer obivious pattern image

 Enlargement :
Rating  / 5 Cherry
because this is daily contact lens, the diameter is more small than monthly contact lens image
from i know, all daily contact lens has small diameter
because small diameter will make your eyes more comfortable image
especially for who have small eyes like me
i always feel uncomfortable wear contact lens with big diameter
because i feel so whippy near my eyelid image
and this lens also giving my eyes little a bit bigger than my normal eyes image

 On My Eyes :

Rating  / 5 Cherry

actually this is my first daily and smallest contact lens i ever try image
like i said before, my eyes getting sensitive and make me cannot longger wear any contact lens image
so i quite happy when i get this daily contact lens, image
daily contact lens is more hygienist than monthly contact lens and very comfortable too
this lens very thin and for beginner maybe very hard for insert it on eyes image
the color also very vibrant in real, but look darker too
i ask my friends opinion about this contact lens color on my eyes
they said the contact lens slightly green or tend to darker image
i can use this contact lens for 7 hours
after that my eyes become red, but this contact lens still comfortable on my eyes image
and for sure i very recommend it, because this contact lens very comfortable for sensitive eyes image

 Overall :

Rating  / 5 Cherry

 What I Like ? 
 Very Cute Packing
 Very comfortable for sensitive eyes 
 the color & pattern look vibrant and natural

 What I Dislike ? 
 the diameter too small for dolly look
 not available on local store

 Where I get ? 
 Pinkicon English 
 Pinkicon China 
 General inquiry : 
 Business Opportunities : 
 Customer Service 
 Customer Hotline: (852) 2410 8000 
 QQ: 2283431192   Aliwangwang: pinkicon 
 Become a Fan 
 Facebook Pinkicon 
 Pinkicon Tumblr 
 Pinkicon Youtube 
 Pinkicon Weibo 
 Pinkicon Instagram 
Unit D, 4/F, Mai Wah Industrial Building, 1-7 Wai Sing Street, Kwai Chung, N.T., Hong Kong


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