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Saturday, 28 June 2014

~Sponsor Review~ Bangkok Face Thailand Gem Fruit Pudding Cream & Lotus Sparkling Mask

Hello ladies 
I’m so happy now, because I can fix my picture on my blog.. 
You can see the different from my previous post, my picture not clear with my blog layout 
I already try my best for editing my picture and of course taking a picture in great lighting 
But the results make me very disappointed.. image
When I preview my picture on laptop is nothing problem with the lighting or anything
When I uploading my picture on blogspot, my picture lighting turn to black image
This problem make me really upset .. image 
I already research tutorial on google and youtube, but the results is nothing
But, I found one blog and that blog write i must prepare a mini studio, lighting, soft box, and of course dsrl camera … image
For those stuff is not tiny bucks for get it okay! image
Since I’m a freelancer and my parents of course my boyfriend who support me in financial
It’s not so easy for ask this stuff from them…  
Of course I will get scold, if I force them buy this kind of stuff  image 
But, my fren ever told me…  “how expensive stuffs they have, it depends who use it!”
Ya.. this time I agree with her, because I saw a few people like that… image
So, I spending my times with photoshop and other application, and yay!! I found a way for make my picture clear with my blog layout image
Although my editing skill still sucks, I try my best image

Okay … today I will review 2 product I have to try nowadays 
This is a skincare product and I get it in travel size or sample size
Actually I hate use skincare, why ? 
I had dramatic tragedy using a skincare last time .. so I stop do skin care routine for few month 
Actually, lots of skincare product from japan and korea in market recently and make me wont skip to buy it image
But you must remember, the weather at japan and korea is very different for who stay at tropical country image
And this time I will review 2 product from 1 tropical country that is thailand

Now days on social media social as instagram, twitter or facebook, I saw lot thailand skincare spreading on there image
and luckily me Thailand SkincareID kindly send me 2 product from Bangkok Face Thailand that is Gem Fruit Pudding Cream & Lotus Sparkling Mask for review purpose image

 Gem Fruit Pudding Cream 

Gem Fruit Pudding Cream is daily cream, so this cream can be use as moisturizer before daily make up or night cream 
Function :
Skin Tightening , Anti-Oxidant, Whitening, Rejuvenate the skin, Pore Tightening.
Net 5 Gram (sample size)
Punica Granatum Extract, Hordeum Vulgare Seed Extract, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Cronus Chrysanthus Bulb Extract, Argania Spinosa Sprout Cell Extract.

 Lotus Sparkling Mask

Lotus Sparkling Mask is sleeping mask and use it 1 week 2 or 3 times,
and leave it for overnight without washing 
Whitening, skin tightening, pore tightening, Spot Corrector, Antioxidant, and Anti-Aging, also Firming and Moisturizing.
Net 5 gram (Sample Size)
Nelumbo Nucifera Gaertn, Yuzu Seed Extract, Green Caviar Extract, and Shea Butter.

 Swatch & Texture

Gem Fruit Pudding Cream has oranges color tend to brown and thick texture, i like the scents from this cream, the scents is sweet and refreshing. image
i love this cream texture too because thick and didn't leave any oily felt after apply.
although this cream has thick texture, this cream very soft and easy to apply on skin face. 
Lotus Sparkling Mask has white color and watery texture than Gem Fruits Pudding Cream, this cream has soft scents *both of this product has nice scent image
we must apply this cream very thick for nice results, because this cream can help reduce red spot or dark spot because acne
this cream cannot use everyday and only can use as sleeping mask image
and this cream only can use 3 times per week
although the mask so watery, this mask easy too apply and quickly absorbed into the skin 


Rating  /5 cherry

this picture i take before use the cream and mask, you can see i have some problem with my chin. image
my chin grow lot of pimple and leave lot of dark spot.
and 1 naughty pimple stay at my chin too image
after i use the mask and cream for 1 week, the results quite amazing image
my dark spot more brighten or fade than before
with regular use, this cream can soften the skin image
because if touch my skin face, my skin be more smootthan before  image
and reduce my pore too image

 What I Like ? 
 has great scents
 the cream texture is thick and didn't leave oily feel & mask cream although liquid and watery easy too apply and quickly absorbed into the skin
 my skin become smooth than before
 reduce my dark spots
 tighten my pore
 reduce redness from pimples too

 What I Dislike ? 
 very expensive, but worth and sample size not for sale
 hard to get except online store

 Repurchase ? 
Maybe ? since I need both of the cream and the full size very expensive, I think i must save more money for buy this cream.image

 Where I Get ? 
 Thailand SkincareID 
 Line : metyxiuli 
 Pin : 752A60E3 
 Wa : 085714828632 

thanks for reading
see you in next post 

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