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Saturday, 31 May 2014

~Review~ Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips PK013 (Pink Talk Series)

good morning all 
i'm sorry i on hiatus again 
i really busy with my research
so in this month i really busy 
and i also help my bf
do design for his assigns
and make me no times for update my lovely blog 

in this post, I wanted to review one of my lipstick collection 
*I rarely review products nowdays, hehehe 

Product Description
Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Lipstick Pink-Talk 5 Colors
Choose one from 5 Colors
PK011 Confident Pink
PK012 Wanna Have Pink
PK013 Heart Pounding Pink
PK014 Astonished Pink
PK015 Dizzy Pink
Product Feature
Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk has various colors that can suit everyone.  You can choose Hot Pink color that suits your skin tone or your makeup style.  It contains Feather Creamy Gel to create soft and clear color for beautiful definition on your lips.  Its matte and smooth texture gives 2013 SS Trendy Lip makeup.  It glides on your lips and instantly makes your lips beautiful.
PK011 Confident Pink
Want kissable, lovely pink lips?
Choose Confident Pink! If you have pale skin tone, this Baby Hot Pink lipstick will create lovely makeup.
PK012 Wanna Have Pink
Once you try this, everyone will want to have this Wanna Have Pink lipstick! This lipstick will create a Dolly-look makeup you’ve always wanted.
PK013 Heart Pounding Pink
Are you afraid to wear Hot Pink Lipsticks because it doesn’ match your warm-toned skin? You don’t have to worry with this Heart Pounding Pink! You are gonna look steaming hot with this lipstick!

PK014 Astonished Pink
If you want Real Hot Pink, this color is it!
This hot pink will create trendy and chic urban look.
PK015 Dizzy Pink
This Deep Hot Pink lipstick will give you that cold but sexy city girl look. If you want to look like smart, sexy, ice queen, this is the lipstick to go for!

 Packing :

Rating  /5 cherry
comes with a box that is very eye catching image
I love the design of the box
very princessy and full with pinky color image
section side of the box there write of information about this lipstick

Rating  / 5 cherry
this lipstick comes with simple design and unique
with ring ribbon as decorated
actually I'm a little bit bored with this lipstick packing 
since I bought this lipstick in pink talk series
should the packing should be differentiated with kiss note series  

 The Lipstick :

Rating  / 5 Cherry
when I rolling upwards it lipstick 
I saw something different from another lipstick
in the lipstick have carving cinderella carriage image
i'm big fans of cinderella,  
I felt like, I do not want to use this lipstick image
want keep the pretty carriage forever

 Swatch :

Rating  / 5 Cherry
can see, the color of the lipstick tends to violet pink than hot pink color
actually a little disappointing image
because I'm hoping the same color as krystal fx use
but, if we apply in many layer, the will turn be the hot pink color
* my lips be more fuller hahaha image

 On My Lips :

Rating  / 5 Cherry
This lipstick has a matte texture 
actually I not too like matte texture image
although many people say, matte lipstick will make lips color look more natural  
but, I prefer have tended moist lips, 
when application of this lipstick, sometimes the lipstick leave clot in my lips image
so I apply lip balm before using this lipstick 
I applied a few times to get the color hot pink as I want 
i choose this color of lipstick 
because I love to watch drama my love from another star image
the main female character chong song yi  
in some segments she uses hot pink colored lipstick 
and in the drama i love what she use on her lipstick
as suitable for natural makeup image
this lipstick has great staying power
i use it almost 5 hours
the color still appear

 Overall :

Rating  / 5 Cherry

 What I like ? 
 I love the color of lipstick
 The staying power quite nice
 lot of pretty color you can choose
 I love the box packing so pretty
 fall in love with cinderella carriage on the lipstick
 the price is adorable 

 What I dislike ? 
 then lipstick packing make me lil abit boring
 the lipstick leave a clog when apply on lipstick
 need reapply for get the color as i want
 hard to get in local store /available on etude house counter but with shocking price, so prefer buy it online

 Repurchase ? 
I think no, because i more like moist lipstick than matte lipstick 

thank you for reading all 
i always promise will diligent update my blog 
but i always break the promise

see you in another post

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