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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

~ Introduce & Sponsor Review ~ Born Pretty Store Fake Lashes Part.1

finally, I have a passion for blogging again 
as usual, the same reason that I was too busy with activities outside of the blog world 
so many drafts that I have not shared on my blog 
and now I have a bit of spare time, because I experience boredom 
My break time is when I'm sick 
and now I'm suffered it, and therefore I can make newest post 

Today I will review one of the fake eyelashes (again 
as do you know, i really addict with fake eyelashes 
but, my bf does not like it image
he say too obvious 
but, I still use it 

Alicia from Born Pretty Store contacting me, if I would like review one of the products from their stores 
of course I agree 
hehehhe image
Alicia letting me choose 2 products from their store, and they have a wide range of products, 
such as make up, nail art, contact lenses etc. 
and always, I'm always drawn to the make-up category image
the shipping is free for any purchase and worldwide shipping 

lastly, I chose 2 boxes false eyelashes
for the upper and lower lashes
and first of all I'm going to review the top false eyelashes image

 Packing :

Rating  / 5 Cherry
This false eyelashes comes with a white cardboard box 
I think the design of the box is very simple but cute, because it has a heart-shaped in the lid of the box. image
this heart-shaped can help us for see what is the false eyelashes design inside the box
and false eyelashes handmade from taiwan image

The box contained 10 pairs of eyelashes
and can be used many times image

 Fake Lashes Design :

Rating  / 5 Cherry

the reason why I chose this eyelashes, because I really like the design image
reminded the dolly wink lashes no.2 image
I really like this design because the middle of the lashes is very thick and the outside also extends 
so, will make our eyes look alive and dolly image

 On My Eyes : 

Rating :  / 5 Cherry
I really like the fake eyelashes, this fake eyelashes very light when in use and suitable with my eyes shape image
actually this fake eyelashes slightly longer than the size of my eyes
so I cut it a little image
in the outer lashes look thicker than dolly wink so when we wink our eyes, giving the impression of cute image
because it has a transparent band, these false eyelashes look natural and blend with your real lashes 

 Overall :

Rating  / 5 Cherry

 What I like ? 
 I like the design of fake lashes so much
 U can get 10 pair fake lashes only $9
 I like the box design, simple but cute
 can use many times 
 very light when use and natural too
 this brand has many pretty design of fake lashes

What I dislike ? 
 No free glue include 
 Only available in online store

image Where I Get ? image

image Link Product : Born Pretty Store image
image Website Link : Born Pretty Store image
image Facebook : Born Pretty Store image
image Twitter : @bornprettystore  image

Don't forget for use my discount code KAH10

for any purchase at Born Pretty Store 
so I can make a giveaway sponsor by Born Pretty Store soon image

Thank You For Reading
and see you in part 2

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