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Monday, 9 September 2013

~Sponsor Review~ XCM214 Super Angel Brown

helloowww all and welcome to my best monthly ever ..
that is september <3
because this month is a month where a god give me live,, give me a body and give me youngest face too
although i already big girls,, but i'm still daddy girls hahah (nobody want to marry me.. LOL Single forever )
/feel so hurt to be single =3=
today i wanna review a circle lens sponsored by
Ps. i'm sorry for delay review this circle lens, because i have some problem with my eyes Q.Q

Geo Extra Angel Brown
Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%/42%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Type: 1 year disposal

owner so kind lent me choose what lens i wanna try,
a lot of geo lens i wanted to try, because geo lens is my favorite contact lens brand ever
i choose Geo Angel Brown, because i see a lot of gyaru model use pattern like this
and 1 of my favorite cosplayer, alodia is use this lens too >,<
wish you not boring to read my review, since a lot of blogger review it xoxo
pattern of the lens in quite unique and like flowers,
and has a black ring, of course this will make the eyes look bigger,
like I said, when I was reviewing the circle lenses,
I really love circle lens that has a very large diameter
because my eyes are very small
and from the beginning I wanted to try this lens,
because it has a diameter of 14mm, I do not want to buy it
and when I find out if the geo issued a series of big this lens
I have very interest to buy it
moreover, a lot of gyaru used a pattern like this
though this lens has a diameter 15mm
I think this lens is enough to make my eyes look bigger
and I really like the effect caused when using this lens
My eyes look natural and sparkling

for comfort, no doubt I love using this lens even though I was in the air conditioned room
and stared at the computer very long.
I can use this lens for 9 hours without eye drops
i want to say,
thank you so much for
because give me a chance for try this lens
don't forget visit their page with click the link and pict bellow
they sell so many authentic geo lens with very adorable price <3
and now offering clearance sale
with very mega cheap price too ^^

and also don't forget join my giveaway sponsor by ^^
will end this month :D

Just for information ,,
my birthday is coming ^^
i want to ask to all my lovely reader for my birthday giveaway
what do you want for next giveaway prize ?
korean product or japan product ^^

wuhoooo ,, 21y.o is coming soon >,<
i'm no believe i getting old soon =3=


Thank you for reading girls..
and don''t forget follow my bloglovin ^^

see yaaaaa ~~~~

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