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Thursday, 19 September 2013

~Review~ D'Eyeko Princess Syahrini Khatulistiwa

Good evening ladies
maybe some of you already sound asleep
and I hope anyone would still stoping at my blog
finally after a while I thinking to change my blog template
now I dare to overhaul the look of my blog
because I thought my old template very messy
and somewhat heavy for reload
so after thinking and learning about new blogspot html
only now I change it
theme of my blog still vintage
I really love the vintage style
and this time my template very simple from the previous
so .. what do you think about my new template girls ? 

on this day, I want to review one of the brand eyalashes made in Indonesia
that is D'Eyeko
been a long time I get the eyelashes of  #RenewYourLook2 held by D'Eyeko
I was glad to try this D'Eyeko brand eyelashes because I am one of the eyelashes junkies and D'Eyeko is not marketed yet in my town that time
and I chose "Khatulistiwa" because I really liked this design (when I saw the photo display)
but when it come to my home, the eyelashes very dramatic for me..
doesn't like the commercial picture LOL

Description :
Princess Syahrini eyelashes series is specially designed by famous dive in Indonesia, namely Syahrini
where she very popular with eyelashes "anti-badai" and others
and whatever she wears always to be a trendsetter
D'Eyeko Syahrini series has come with 5 different eyelashes model
That is 
D'Eyeko Princess Syahrini - Katulistiwa (Mine) 
D'Eyeko Princess Syahrini - Surya Kencana
D'Eyeko Princess Syahrini - Merak
D'Eyeko Princess Syahrini - Cakrawala
D'Eyeko Princess Syahrini - Cendrawasih
D'EYEKO Princess Syahrini - Khatulistiwa
Double eyelashes lashes - the band's first single in Indonesia. Although thick and length is attract attention, eye lashes still feel comfortable when used.

packing of Princess Syahrini eyelashes is very elegant
comes with dark blue, indigo and purple color
impressed very luxurious
and design of the packing is very pretty and so princessieeee
moreover Syahrini photo, she looks very pretty,, true living doll for me
at the back there is signature from Syahrini
and tutorial how to use the correct eyelashes for beginners

false eyelashes D'Eyeko come one pair of false eyelashes and free eyelash glue
actually very rare local brand eyelash giving free eyelash glue
if so, the quality of the glue is very bad, that glue cannot used anymore aka dry

be honest, this is a very thick eyelashes I ever had
I really like using eye lashes because I have a very small eyes and thin eyelashes
so I have a collection of false eyelashes and mascara quite a lot
but I rarely use false eyelashes in my daily life .. LOL
I usually see a lot of false eyelashes that are sold in the market are made from synthetic hair
and D'Eyeko eyelashes is made of human hair and handmade
I've seen reportage on tv last time
when I touch the fake eyelashes, the hair is very soft and the band although thick it's very flexible
very differently from the thick lashes in the market
about eyelash glue from D'Eyeko
many people think that these eyelash glue can only one time use
because the packing of the eyelash glue made ​​of plastic
and no cover
actual D'Eyeko eyelash glue can be used several times
and we must reverse the cover so that the glue does not dry and can be used again

The most I like is the color of the glue could turn into a dark blue to purple
I very rarely find eyelashes glue that can change color
unless the U.S. brand (I forget its name)
I saw some of the make up guru on youtube using glue like this
and the glue is very strong, but wait for the glue dry a bit longer

I actually had long time for review this eyelashes
but I'm confused, because it was very dramatic lashes i ever try 
I had to think if this eyelashes long will touch my eyebrows
and I do not have a striking softlens
because these eyelashes well suited for big eyes and a little striking softlens
whether it is suitable for my eyes are small?
in fact, depending on the form of the person's eyes
because my eyes were straight, in real the eye lashes is not very suitable for me
because it is too thick and dramatic for small eyes like me ,, 
so it is very difficult in use
and although eyelashes is very thick and double lashes is actually very light and comfortable to use, and I love it
the eyelashes glue is very sticky ang very long wait it to dry
and make my eyes feel heavy
Q, Q
because the glue is very sticky so my real eyelashes stuck in my eyelids  
this eyelashes glue also very waterproof so very difficult to clean

like I said, this fake eyelashes is very dramatic for daily use
this eyelashes is very suited if used at of party occasion and of course in the Balance with suitable eye make up too
like smokey eyes
although it looks very thick, is very light and comfortable eyelashes if used
because these eyelashes handmade and made ​​from human hair
but for who have small eyes like me, very difficult to use
because it is too thick but flexible
when I use it like, every blink of my eye I could make every thing all fly
The most I like is, it comes with pretty good eyelash glue 
usually, very often I buy eyelash and get glue but can not be used
and I wish to continuation d'eyeko sell them eyelash glue, because I like the color of the eyelash glue which can be changed
The eyelashes can also be used several times, depending on the user's usage
for next time i will buy other eyelashes from D'Eyeko,
but in different series

Where you can get it ?
You can visit 
Facebook ---> D'Eyeko False Eyelashes
Twitter ---> Deyeko ID
Shop ---> D'Eyeko Shop 

thank you for reading guys ,, 
and good night ><
don't forget join my giveaway sponsor by W2Beauty

will end next week
and dont forget follow me for more update :D
see yaa >,</~~

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