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Sunday, 18 August 2013

~Review~ Dolly Wink Diamond Dolly Limited Edition

helllllllloouuuwwwwww pretty girlsss
how are you all and happy independent days for Indonesia
today I'm taking my time to update my blog
I'm very busy lately
and a little lazy
actually really wanted to blog, but I'm very tired
and luckily today a holiday
/ cry
This evening I would like to review one false eyelashes that surely everyone already knew
and it is

who does not know these products
almost all makeup junkies know this
of course, so do I.
I had long wanted to buy a dolly wink diamond dolly
but that time the price is still very expensive for me
because it includes a new series
so I decided to buy old series
and and and
few months dolly wink issue a many limited edition products series
and made ​​me very interested in buying it
but but
of course the seller is  given the price very expensive from the original price of the product in Japan
I feel it is unfair

I want to go home huhuhu
You can see how much i pay it hahaha
i bought it at Kay Collection because that time they afford free shipping all over Indonesia
since the shipping to my city VERY EXPENSIVE
so i decide buy it at Kay Collection
who doesn't love free shipping hah ?
and i bought this because this is limited edition,, get free full size dolly wink glue
makes me cannot reject to buy this hahha
and start from fake eyelashes

I love the fake eyelashes that look very natural
and the dolly wink recent series issued a lot of false eyelashes that is very natural for everyday use
and I'm interested in this dolly diamond
because it can be used for ulzzang make up and this have a black band
because I do not like the clear band
and false eyelashes slightly reminds dolly wink # 2
but diamond dolly is shorter and not too long
and sadly I did not get a free small glue on the packing

I'm interested to use glue dolly wink false eyelashes
because I have used a variety of eyelash glue and the result, not very satisfying
and sometimes made ​​Shedding tears because when I removed the fake eyelashes is very pain
therefore I wanted to change my false eyelash glue,
I'm very interested to use dolly wink eyelash fix glue because I have tried to small glue given when purchasing a dolly wink false eyelashes
and because of that I decided to buy it
in the new series dolly wink fix this glue has 2 kinds of glue false eyelashes that is
Dolly Wink Eyelash Fix Transparent and Dolly Wink Eye Lash Fix Black
and in the limited series is just getting eyelash glue transparent
than previous packing more dolly
I really love the new packing
looks so simple and elegant

I like of eyelash fix this, is a very thin brush and do not make a mess when applying glue to the lashes
and glue are not likely to smear out when closed
I've read from several sources, the formula of eyelash fix is very different from the old series
I also think so
because the glue is dry wait a little bit longer and be transparent
and the smell of the glue eyelashes  reminds me with smoothing cream hahahah

On My Eyes
dolly wink eyelashes is very flexible and very light when used
although having black bands
and false eyelashes is very natural when used for daily days
and my favorite one is not easily separated from the band, because the dolly wink has clear band that eyelashes very easy move or loose its
and it was minus what I get from dolly wink false eyelashes
supported by good quality eyelash glue, I never get the problem when using this glue false eyelashes, and I could use my eyelashes 4 or 5 times if using eyelash glue from dolly wink
and the packing was very nice and easy to carry anywhere

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thank you for reading guyss
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