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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Inside My Canmake Fukubukuro aka. Lucky Bag and Estee Lauder Make Up Contest Prize

hello girl, met again with a very lazy blogger in the world
in fact a lot of what I want to posting, but because few days ago I just got back from out of town, no internet, laptops and entertainment
few days I indulged my stomach with Starbuck and baskin robins
because in my beloved city is no Starbuck and baskin robins
I have to spend so much money for food there
it is very tiring and emotional level of a god
This night I want to post one of the results temptations of owner Miaw lens
I actually did not mean to buy it
but but but
I could not resist
moreover she put up a very cheap price
and what are you waiting for,
let's to check it.

This is actually a new year fukubukuro
and perhaps because stock is still quite a lot
so they could be traded again
there's actually have a bag marked canmake
but I do not get it because,
shipping to my house very expensive
to save costs, so I received a packing with warp bubble
and I get a bonus circle lens that I use when making eye look park bom
hohoho thank you so muchiiiieee

This is the 5 products that I get with a very affordable price
I guess just get 4 product, and apparently I'm getting 5 products
very happy when I see it
especially if I get Canmake Cream Cheek Blush

 Shimmer Base Light UV #3 Vanilla Yellow (Discontinue Product)
Price $25

Canmake Jewel Star #5 Mirror Purple (Discontinue color)
Price $18

Canmake Cheek and Cheek #4 Love Blossom (Discontinue Color)
Price 14

Canmake Four Shiny Eyes #6  カシスラズベリ - Cassy Raspberry (Discontinue Color)
Price $16

Canmake Nail Polish #52 Pink Soda
Price $8
if you look at the price per unit of the product,
I can spend around $ 80 to buy everything
very expensive
and I get this product only pay $ 20
really cheap right?
there are some products that are not produced anymore
but still can be used
and Canmake Four Shiny Eyes Cassy Rapsberry is a limited edition color
same as Cheek and Cheek Rabuburossamu hahahah
----> After reading the product information in
and I really love the blush >,,<
I'll review it soon

As you will remember about the makeup challenge that I ever join?
and I'm very grateful for anyone who has supported me, so I can win
but it was the first time I joined make up challenge held at IBB ---> link
therefore, I did not have the chance again to win the next makeup challenge
huhuhu so sad
and at that time, make up challenge, sponsored by one of the leading cosmetics company Estee Lauder
The winner will get a mystery gift from Estee Lauder
and I'm very curious about the prize, heheh
This is both product that I get

Estee Lauder Matte Perfecting Primer

Estee Lauder Pleasures Parfume

thank you for reading
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thank you ..
and happyyyy hollliiiidaaayyyyy >,,<

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