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Thursday, 14 February 2013

~Review~ Venus Eyes Candy Brown Lens

hy sweety girls きゃー
any body miss me ..heheheh らぶ② 
finally i finish uploading all my picture .. few days the line so slow for uploading picture えー 
until i fall asleep, when i waiting upload the picture 風邪ひき 
btw today i wanna review my new Circle lens again .. hahahha .. /again ガーン 
i circle lens junkies .. always want to try new circle lens えー 
and today i want to review "Venus Eyes Candy Brown Lens"

Description :
翼 Water Content : 45%
翼 Base Curve : 8.6mm
翼 Diameter : 16mm
翼 Usage Cycle : 1 Year disposable
翼 Self Life : 2-4 year in sealed vial
翼 Power Range : -0.00 to -8.00
翼 Color : Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Violet

へ? About Product :

Maybe a lot of people never know about this Circle Lens brand ..
but, if you are Fans of gyaru model, you will know about this circle lens ..
this circle lens is famous among Gyaru Model ..
until a lot of ranzuki models are sporting this lens ..
i always wonder Yui Kanno use this circle lens in her picture.. her eye looks so pretty and natural when use this circle lens and do you remember Tsubasa Masuwaka in Old dolly wink packing ... i heard she use this circle lens also heheh きらきら
but .. Venus Eyes is very difficult to get at here .. because at here the seller always sell Korea & China Brand ..
and Venus Eyes is Japan Circle lens sure the cost so expensive than Korea or China circle lens ん~・・・。
i already bought Geo x-Tra Sakura Brown but the tone lil abit to yellow than brown .. so haven get natural looks >,< because the color too bright ,,
i get Venus Lens at Miaw Lens ..
she sell a lot of Japanese Product, as Dolly wink, Candy Doll, Lush, Canmake & etc
and she also do International Shipping >,< .. so great right !
all my Dolly wink product, i purchase in Miaw Lens, because she sell more cheaper than other >w<
the owner also so kind and friendly ,. and fast reply too . sometime late to reply its okay .. because in real life she sure so busy .. hahaha.苦笑
the owner so kind choose this lens for meきゃぁ~
actually i want blue or green color .. but she said must join PO .. and i lazy join Po now,
so, she have few ready lens ,, and the lens i wanted to try only have Brown color for ready stock,
so i agree and when the lens coming, i thought she wrong send the lens to me 苦笑
because the packing not too cute for Japanese Brand .. hahahah
the packing so simple for me.. not colorful like another brand .. ~lol~

Venus lens has 2 tone .. That is hazel brown and black ring ..
this lens make your eyes so dolly and natural ラブ

IMO .... Geo Sugar brown the tone more pop than Venus candy brown.. so when i use geo, the color more to yellow than brown .. if Venus tone is so soft and when i use the color almost same with my eyes color .. giving natural dolly eye looks ..

i love wear circle lens 16mm . because my eyes is so small ..ププッ・・・  ..
although the diameter quite big, but this lens so comfortable ..
u can see how different my eyes after i use this lens ,,きゃはっ♪ 

Lens On Action :

With Flash :

overall .. 
this lens so comfortable for daily use .. but sometime i felt so blurry when i use it while internet-ing or watch movie on my laptop.. 
i ever use this lens for hang out with my friends, and i felt like didn't use lens .. and no tear drop .. hehehe キャハハ
the tone also same with real my eyes color, so giving me natural dolly eyes because the diameter is quite big .. and i'm also so happy can find lens that i wanted to use .. like Japanese Gyaru Model, and got this lens with adorable price .. heheh /better ask the seller if you wanna know about this lens price なっ・・・なんと! 


はぁと i purchase this lens with adorable price .. heheh
はぁと i love this lens on my eyes, giving me natural looks
はぁと so comfortable for daily use


はぁと hard to get, not all online shop sell this lens .. and i only found 1 online shop sell this lens
はぁと sometime felt so blurry if i use while internet-ing
はぁと ugly packing ..

Rating :

Selca ...

If you interest buy this lens ..
i have great news for my lovely readers ラブ
You can get discount 10% , if mention
"Ariisa Blog"

not only lens, miaw lens also sell a lot Japanese stuff and make up with adorable price >,<
Facebook : Miaw Lens
Website :
CP/Whatsapp : 08180-9988-666

See you in another post 汗
bye ~

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