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Saturday, 23 February 2013

New Template & Tutorial How to Restore your Disqus !

after working hard and spinning fun for one and a half days
template for my blog as well finish
actually still not finished
because the modem quota only 300MB
so I decided to finish editing my blog
themes that I take inspiration from the rose and vintage
I'm actually quite lazy to edit and view html code
My eyes felt fuzzy
it's actually easier asked for templates with people who are inexperienced
for some reason or possessed something /lol
I get inspired to replace my old template
at midnight to get the idea
until I can not sleep
I straight turn on my laptop (when I just turned off the laptop)
and open photoshop, the next my eye sore /slapped

the header was inspired by the theme of my hp
I just downloaded the play store
title B-Rose
although that is not easy to make one perfect template
I must look for references and tutorials
fortunately many free tutorials provided by the bloggers
although there is a failure, confusion and dizziness while making
I'd be happy if my blog template that I created myself
more satisfied
if you take the free template of another blog, a little dizzy to edit
may those who do not like girly and others
certainly not like my blog
I don't want talking too much ..
lets see

by the way
do not ask tutorial with me
not stingy
but I just have a good mood first before going to make a template
because i will headache for keeping in all
more easily find tutorials on google
that leads to the girly looks
looking malaysian bloggers
they are have very nice tutorial

by the way
if we use the new template, will have some widgets that will be lost
because going back to the original settings
who does not know Disqus?
This widget is widely used by bloggers
when we replace our template with a new, Disqus will automatically disappear
and comments from the reader will also be lost
and this tutorial I did when I lost Disqus
it is very easy
tutorial please see the picture below

thank for reading my post ..
and thanks to follow me ><
see you ...

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