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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

~Review~ Coastal Scents 22pcs Brush & Coastal Scents Angled Liner Brush

Brush is the most important tool for a painter ..
just like a make-up artist, a brush is also very important to create perfect makeup ..
i always had long been thinking of buying professional brush .. じゅる・・
i'm looking for the best quality brush ..
and it was veeeerrrryyyyyy expensive .. あ゛ぁ゛っ
i really want to buy sigma brushes, but the price for 1 sets a brush could make me not eat and shopping for a month . 泣き
but for the quality, sigma is the best (people says .. ショック )
i searched and searched a full brush set, but the price could make sense .. ふふ~ん
and the choice fell on "Coastal Scents 22pcs Brush"

Looking for a complete set of the best makeup brushes? You can create an endless array of looks with our 22 piece Brush Set. This complete collection of luxury makeup brushes includes the essentials used by the pros. Each makeup brush caters to a different need no matter what look you're trying to achieve. All twenty-two cosmetic brushes fit perfectly together in out matte black, Coastal Scents imprinted roll up case making this set ideal for travel. Roll it, snap it, and you're set to go!

Coastal Scents has 22 pcs brushes that have different functions .
the price is quite affordable for my wallet, because I bought it when black friday .. hahaha ふっ
and then coastal scents provide an excellent discount .. ぎく
I got to feel faint, I want to buy everything .. うひゃあー
for some reason ..
when black friday, it coincides with the end of the month ○| ̄|_
if my wallet go the ER, my wallet was probably already gasping for breath heartbeat がくがく
so I had to choose, what would I buy ..
and unfortunately .. I do not know if urban decay is discount, if you could be spending $ 16 UD products that cost may be more than $ 16 ガーン
and I wanted to try the eye primer UD
Who knows I gave UD naked palette too hahahah /slapped キティ3

I'm waiting for my brush is almost two months . ああっ
because I sent first to the my lil brother place
shipping to my home very expensive ビックリ
i must thinking 15 times for online shopping 悲しみうさたん

that's why I always buy full size than sample
so not cool to live here ..  は?

Dimension :
Opened :
- Lenght : 24.50" (62.23cm)
- Width : 9.50" (24.13cm)
- Height : 0.50"(1.20cm)
Closed :
- Lenght : 6.99" (16.99cm)
- Width : 9.50" (24.13cm)
- Height : 1.56"(4.00cm)
Net Weight : 1.0440 lbs

cs case is made of black leather
looks very elegant and professional
unfortunately I do not really like the color black
because I prefer it colorful
although until now I do not dare to dye my hair
/ My mom would get mad
words "coastal scents" in case the model emboss
and prints fibers in the case
such as wrinkled skin / skin like my grandmother 
/slap from my grandma
in which there is container to put brush and cloth cover
cloth covering it useful to keep a brush we do not easily fall

near the fan brush are small pockets
I used to keep a small eyeshadow
and to keep a plastic guard
only 4 brushes that have plastic guard

Large Fan
Synthetic Hair
Bristle Lenght :2.19" (5.90cm)
Bristle Width : 3.40" ('8.89cm)
Ferrule : 1.94 (4.90cm)
Handle : 3.31" (8.41cm)

fan brush are very soft brush
I like to touch the bristles of the brush is
besides soft I use this brush to take any fall outs from eyeshadow
and highlight my nose ..

Powder Buffer
Synthetic Hair
Bristles : 1.38" (3.50cm)
Ferrule : 1.94" (4.90cm)
Handle : 3.75" (9.50cm)

This brush is one my favorites
I can use it for foundation, blush, and loose powder
This brush is very soft 
I use this when applying powder blush and the results are very good
super love it
very nice and dense

Round Powder
Synthetic Hair
Bristles : 1.13" (2.90cm)
Ferrule : 1.75" (4.40cm)
Handle : 3.89" (9.99cm)

round powder brush is somewhat similar to the powder buffer
but is smaller in size
I like to use this brush to apply highlighter on cheeks
sometimes I use it with a powder brush to set this in the area under my eyes when I'm done with the eye make-up
very multi-functional
and of course bristles of the brush is very soft

Flat Buffer
Synthetic Hair
Bristles : 1.38" (3.50cm)
Ferrule : 1.75" (4.40cm)
Handle : 4.06" (10.31cm)

This brush was I looking forward
many people say is a flat buffer brush that can give the effect of the air brush when we use it with bb cream or foundation
actually I was and wanted to buy the sigma F80
but I have not had time to buy
aka no money .. hahah
I'm very like with this brush
very gentle and makes my face flawless
I use it when applying bronzer on my cheeks
the result is very satisfying

Angle Brush
Goat Hair
Bristles : 1.13" (2.90cm)
Ferrule : 1.75" (4.40cm)
Handle : 4.00" (10.20cm)

angle brush is very soft brush as well
This brush is made of goat hair
I use it when applying bronzer on the cheekbones
brush is so fluffy and I love touching the brush bristles

Fiber Hair
Bristles : 0.94" (2.40cm)
Ferrule : 1.75" (4.40cm)
Handle : 4.19" (12.47cm)

I have 3 foundation brush
bristle brush is very decent and the white was very tender
unfortunately, probably  i will not use this brush 
because I've had 3 foundation brush

Nylon Hair
Bristles : 0.63" (1.60cm)
Ferrule : 1.56" (4.00cm)
Handle : 4.94" (12.55cm)

This brush is smaller than my MAC brushes
brush is quite soft
but I do not like using this brush with liquid foundation
I use this brush when applying eyeshadow base

Large Shadow
Pony Hair
Bristles : 0.56" (1.40cm)
Ferrule : 1.56" (4.00cm)
Handle : 4.89" (12.42cm)

I just can say this brush is very soft
I use it almost every day
This brush gives very good results
the color blends with well
super love it!

Pony Hair
Bristles : 0.63" (1.60cm)
Ferrule : 1.56" (4.00cm)
Handle : 5.00" (12.70cm)

I use this brush to define color of eyeshadow that I use
brush is quite soft and not very dense

Doe Foot Blender
Pony Hair
Bristles : 0.50" (1.30cm)
Ferrule : 1.56" (4.00cm)
Handle : 5.89" (12.42cm)

This brush is very unique shape
bristle brush made ​​of pony fur
brush is quite soft
I use it for my nose countouring

Dome Shadow
Pony Hair
Bristles : 0.38" (1.00cm)
Ferrule : 1.56" (4.00cm)
Handle : 5.25" (13.34cm)

i like use this brush smudge my eyshadow near lash line
nice brush and quite soft too 

Dome Blender
Pony Hair
Bristles : 0.44" (1.10cm)
Ferrule : 1.50" (3.80cm)
Handle : 4.89" (14.42cm)

I use this brush to create the effect of gradation in my eyes
quite soft bristle brush
Sometimes I use it as countouring

Medium Shadow
Pony Hair
Bristles : 0.44" (1.10cm)
Ferrule : 1.56" (4.00cm)
Handle : 4.89" (14.42cm)

I use this brush when applying eyeshadow in half lid
quite soft,, and I wish it's more dense, but it's quite decent.

Detail Shadow
Pony Hair
Bristles : 0.25" (0.60cm)
Ferrule : 1.19" (3.00cm)
Handle : 5.63" (14.30cm)

same brush as above
only size is smaller

Pony Hair
Bristles : 0.25" (0.60cm)
Ferrule : 1.19" (3.00cm)
Handle : 5.69" (14.30cm)

I never use this brush
This brush is very small
I prefer to use fingers rather than a brush when applying lipstick

Detail Concealer
Fiber Hair
Bristles : 0.50" (1.30cm)
Ferrule : 1.56" (4.00cm)
Handle : 5.13" (13.03cm)

I use this brush when applying white eyeshadow on the teardrop eyes
it's quite stiff and nicely done

Pointed Blender
Pony Hair
Bristles : 0.44" (1.10cm)
Ferrule : 1.56" (4.00cm)
Handle : 4.89" (12.42cm)

this a pencil brush
The brush is very soft
and super love it

Pony Hair
Bristles : 0.18" (0.50cm)
Ferrule : 1.56" (4.00cm)
Handle : 5.00" (12.70cm)

I prefer to use this brush to give effect to highlight in the middle of my eye lid
and can make a small line or smoke my liner

Smudger Sponge
Bristles : 0.25" (0.60cm)
Ferrule : 1.13" (2.90cm)
Handle : 5.44" (13.82cm)

I use it to highlight my brow bone
and it's so softer

Large Liner/Brow
Nylon Hair
Bristles : 0.31" (0.80cm)
Ferrule : 1.19" (3.00cm)
Handle : 5.63" (14.30cm)

I use this to trim my eyebrows

Medium Liner/Brow
Nylon Hair
Bristles : 0.25" (0.60cm)
Ferrule : 1.19" (3.00cm)
Handle : 5.63" (14.30cm)

I use this brush to create a smokey liner

Small Liner/Brow
Nylon Hair
Bristles : 0.25" (0.60cm)
Ferrule : 1.19" (3.00cm)
Handle : 5.63" (14.30cm)

I'm like with this brush, I use this brush when applying concealer on the lip line

Different size of brush

Apply liner easier than ever with our Classic Bent Liner Brush. This uniquely designed brush provides you with the precision of a professional. The thin, firm synthetic bristles can be used with liquid or cream based products and allows you to effortlessly achieve multiple effects.
Dimension : 
Bristles : 00.24" (.60cm)
Ferrule : 01.30" (3.30cm)
Handle : 05.51" (14.00cm)
Net Weight :
0,0062 lbs 

I think this is very unique brush shape
first time I saw this brush, I think the owner of the probe is purposefully to bend the brush
but by the time I saw the video tutorial michelle phan use this brush, I just know it is not accidental brush shape haha
I'm very curious about this brush, especially a lot of beauty bloggers reviewing this brush
I think pretty soft brush
applying eyeliner while using this brush is great
and can make a great winged
super love it

over all,
I'm pretty satisfied with the CS Brush
the price is very affordable and the quality is very good
it's just that some of the brush bristles are uneven
and lots of liner brush
may be replaced with angled liner heheh
I am so lucky to have this brush, because I bought it when the price is very cheap :P

Rating :

btw ..
what do you think about my new hair?
I cut it very short hahah
inspiration from sully f (x), but sully version chubby cheeks hahaha
(just kidding, I just tie my hair)
I actually want to use this photo for IBB challenge
but I'm late .. huhuhu
in this photo I used a brush from cs
it's okay to make love liner
thanks for reading my very long post> <
good night ..

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