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Monday, 17 December 2012

~Review~ Dolly Wink Falshie No. 2 Sweet Girly (New Packing)

Hy my sweety gurls ..
how are you XD?
today i wanna review my new falshie from Dolly Wink
who didn't know Dolly Wink ..
this product is produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka
should i told you who is Tsubasa Masuwaka ??
she is Popular Gyaru x Mama Gyaru and singer from Japan..
i love her looks >< ,,
although a lot of people say she is do Plastic Surgery.
and i ever saw old popteen magazine have her picture when she was be popteen model,
ya... different almost 100% from now.. hahah
i felt like wanna surgery my cheek also ... /slapped

i forget put my latest haul ><
already 2 month didn't post my haul ><
i bankrup guys X'D
somemore when black friday ..
i really bankrup ><
and luckly i get what i want XD
i will post about my haul ASAP >< /keep stay tune guys..

I bought Upper & Lower Lashes in Miaw Lens
she sell all Japan & Korea Product and i guarantee she sell 100% authentic ..
and more happy again i get discount 5% ><
i love join PO, because i can pay half price first XD
/stop words spamming

i bought Dolly Wink No. 2 Sweet Girly in New Packing.
i must waiting more than 1 month for PO Dolly Wink with new Packing ><

New Packing

Old Packing

i love new packing ><
i think Tsubasa more kawaii in Dolly Wink new packing
and look more younger ..
and i also love her make up in new packing ><
if old packing, i love the ribbon and the polkadot XD
but if i comparison tsubasa eyes in old and new packing is very different *o*
how could that falshie looks so natural on new packing picture ><
because on me the falshie looks so long DX
not like her eyes in old packing >,<
/i will cut the falshie -3-

i choose Sweet Girly because i love my lashes is more volume in the middle..
i think, the No.2 is more nice than No.1..
although DW No.1 so popular (actually i want buy that also)
but.. the falshie is so loooooooooongggggggg >o<
more long than my eyes line TT (should i cut it ?)
actually i lil abit disappointed
hahahhaha ..
but, yaaa ... i don't know if gals wanna something or try something like ....... zzZZZZ
so this the Dolly Wink New Packing Looks

the falshie on her eyes looks so natural T.T

This is tutorial how to use the eyelash . and must cut it at the end falshie Dx .. (should i cut it?)

The Fake Lashes

Dolly wink come with transparent band, so that will make it more natural on eyes, hahaha ... and always come with free Falshie Glue >< .. cute.. i love polkadot mix pink color XD

Falshie on my eyes ..

actually i don't know why i want buy this falshie (mupeng yay ! XD) , this is very expensive falshie i ever buy .. 
i love the falshie,, make my eyes more life  xD, although it's so long -3-, but its okay i didn't use it every time , hohoho..
when i use this falshie for 1st time, its so hard for put on my lids, maybe this is because too elastic, the glue also, haizzz .. not waterproof =3= ,, 

* Cute Packing
* Feel like didn't wear falshie when put it on my eyes
* make my eyes more life XD
* get free glue

* expensive =3=
* hard to get, except u join PO 
* too long for my eyes line =3= ( i wonder if tsubasa make special falsie for herself , because the falshie looks natural on her )

ermmmm.. maybe .. hahaha  i wanted otona dolly wink 

thanks for reading my blog >,<
i promise i will more update soon,
see you in another blog post ><


  1. Baguuus. Aku suka banget sama matamu xD matamu baguuuus *salah fokus*

    1. Hahaha... it cuma keajaiban make up xD.. aslinya ngak seperti it.. haha ≧﹏≦