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Monday, 10 December 2012

~My December Wishtlist~

Because i felt so boring right now,
so i wanna share about my December Wish List ><
i'm a junkies, if i interest with some product, i must get that XD
actually, i seldom using what i buy, just collector XD
and that making my mom always angry with me TT
so... pity,, i buy with my own money also ..

So ....
this is ..

1. Urban Decay Naked Palette ..

i don't know i more interest with naked 1 than naked 2..
maybe because i more like the primer as the gift than lip gloss, hahah..
and naked 1 color more pop than naked 2 >.<
but price Naked 1 & Naked 2 so worth =3=... i must save and thinking so hard to buy this product,
because...... 60$ small like pencil case...
but, quality is number 1  =o=b...

2. NYX Round Lipstick Harmonica

i fall in love with this lipstick ><
i love the color of lipstick, so smooth and pink,,
but, although this not expensive and 1 from drugstore..
i don't know when i will buy this lipstick ><
maybe ... this month , or next month or wait kind people giving me this lipstick XD

3. Sigma Brush F80

Since i read a lot of people review this brush. i also wanted to buy this flat top brush ><
because this brush will giving you air brush effect ><
but, i dont know when i will buy this =3= .. because i'm poor..

4. Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel 92%

a lot of beauty blogger review this product right now ><
i think this product will working to me..
because i have dry skin TT
i already told my brother for going to tunjungan plaza, surabaya 1 month ago ><
already 4 times i told him,
but he said later, later n later...
i don't want pay your phone bill again =3=
if i going to surabaya .. i will kick him, and don't want give he money again =.=
luckly my friend have friend stay at surabaya and will help me buy this ><
ureshiiiiii >///<
cannot wait for january

so that is i my wish list in this month
i don't know when i will buy this XD
since i'm just a student and freelance XD
have nice days >< ...

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