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Monday, 3 December 2012

~Make Up Tutorial~ Autumn / Momiji Leaf Eyes

maybe it's too late for post this tutorial ...
winter is coming.
but, i don't want so fast leave Autumn ..
i love autumn season ><
cold and ... harvest times..
in japan when autumn you could be fatter ..
a lot of foods ><"...
i love Momiji Leaf ..
red mix oranges.. 
 very warm colors ..

so lets start ><

1. before i make up i always insert my Lens on first .. i wear Geo Brown Lens

2. Start with bare eyes ..

3. Apply Lemon Chiffon Eyeshadow all above your lids

4. apply pinkies purple eye shadow

5. Take reds oranges eyeshadow, apply it on your half lids

6. take oranges eyeshadow, apply at < lids and blend it

7. take red oranges gain and apply on center your lid, and blend it & don't forget lower lids

8. apply eyeliner 

9. apply white eyeliner on your waterline

10. curl and apply mascara

11. put on falsie .. 

and you are done ^o^

maybe it's so simple looks ><
hope you enjoy with my tutorial..
sorry for not too detail step to step, because i want going to school ><
see you in another post ^3^
jaa neee..
and enjoy your x-mas month ><

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