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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Proud to be "Baby Face "?????? →_→

Hy hy,, long time already i didnt post or blogging,, X﹏X
Because, i seldom play internet
And i also just finish my sem exam
Yayy o(^^o)
And this 1st post i using App Blog for Android ∩__∩
Should long time already this App available in play store,,
But uncompatible with my fon ︶︿︶
And when i searching agy compatible with my fon n FREE XD
hehe ~(*+﹏+*)~
I will post about it ASAP ∩__∩

as about the title,,
I want tell story about myself →_→
i dun know why, just now alot of people thinking i'm kids,,
They guess my age is "15 y.o" Σ( ° △ °|||)︴
Young about 5 year than my real ages (~O~)zZ
Thats is lil abit annoying
I already make up, wear circle lens,,
My frens said i look so "MOE" ╯△╰
Until, the front of my office is a middle of school
So the driver asking me, "just want apply school ya???"
What the????,?????? (--〆) he thnk i just finish elementary sch izit???
More weird agy,,
D driver taxy said "where's your school??"
I said name my uni
Then he said, i tot u just secondary sch ←_←
Look young is not bad
but damn annoying
My bf said
If got ppl said like tat, i must said i got big bobi ←_←
/pLAKK ˋε ˊ
My bf also damn bad
Said tat until laughing π_π
I wan try to dye my hair 4 look mature  (o^^)o
But →_→
My mum scold me like a shit ﹋o﹋
Until hot my ears
I nail art my fingers
She scold me, until said wan cut my fingers ( ̄ε(# ̄)
But she said "do wan u wan when u still life"
I already do wat i want she scold me like i drugs
 ̄0 ̄
Maybe bcz of that i look like kids
Bcz my parents still like that with me →_→

Only that i wan share to you guys thx 4 read ya

Sorry 4 ghost picu and bun cheek  (≧▽≦)/~┴┴