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Monday, 4 June 2012

my mini haulll

holllla XD~~~

i want to share my mini haul this month XD~~

although mini haul
but make me bankrup TT
i think my wallet is crying
i still can earn money again

1st. Local Haul

1. 3 pair lens ><" i over buy lens XD~~ 
actually 2 pair of lens is my friends lens 
i bought at Clarice
the owner so kind :D
i order already 3 times n she give me alot of discount ><

2. Missha BB Cream n sample Skin Food Mushroom BB Cream
the sample is free because i buy missha bb cream ^^
love this product
i bought at Rie  

2nd. International Haul 

1. Hatsune Miku Wigs..
this wig really spend alot my money ><
i bought at ebay,,
and my wig is original from

original box from


 2 clip, 1 short wig ><

2. Fake eye lashes
i bought is because ==''
so cheap DX
i tot natural,
but ==''
  too long n dramatic ><

3. Brown Wigs
I bought at ebay again
but the wig send from Singapore DX
very natural
n free wig cap
the packing =3=
important is inside

  i can said this wig very soft XD~~

thats my haul for this month 
thx 4 read ^^

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