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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Blog App For Android and iPhone

hy alll
actually i lil abit stresss ><
i just newbie in Blog Worlds =.=
so i learn how to change my template,,
and done..
but .... =3=
the trouble come agy
when i view on my phone 
double postingggg!!
arghhh yaba DX
and the background also no fit TT
if you have opinion can share with me TT

Good news for Blogger now XD
application Blog for Android and iPhone 
and this app easy to use XD

i want share step to step for use this app ^0^

1. go play store

2. search "Blogger" and install

3. Search ur menu fon and open

4. select add/manage account

5. touch add account

6. choose google

7. next and sing in

8. select sync blogger and finish

9. and allow

10. the view ^^

at lest this app easy to use ^^
can share picture also when you traveling and want blogging


  1. pake hape apa ni? xperia ya? xperia mini ku kok ga bisa ya pake app ini? uhuk uhuk.. mohon dibantu.. ris, aku sekalian mau ngajakin ikut giveaway ku nih :), ikut yaa... :) hehehe..

  2. aku pake hp soner live with music ∩__∩
    ditunggu aj
    kmaren ak juga uncompatible appx untk hp q
    tpi sekarang compatible
    soalx blog app msh bru,,
    ok  (o^^)o
    bsok join gve away mu ∩__∩
    thx 4 visit my blog
    follow me
    i will follow u back o(^^o)