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Monday, 17 October 2016

~Random Post~ My Birthday Haul

Last month are my birthday, so lot wish list i made and i hope it will become true soon image
of course i bought my wishlist with lot dilemma image
should i bought this ? image
this is so cute i wanted this ? image
no no later i don have money image
i become too greedy with myself now days, because i have a plan with my friends next year image
so.. this is my birthday haul image

Charm Eyes Selfie Ring Light #Pink
this ring light become my wishlist from last year, i decide buy ring light because i wanted my picture looks very clear and my room also little a bit dark, so i need a ring light for make my picture look better although at minimum light right.
actually i wanted to buy big ring light, but i quite afraid if people at home will mad of me or i will seldom using it.image
so after searching in one mobile marketplace, i found this selfie ring with cheaper price from other online shop that is around IDR250K image

Hengji Wig
this is my 1st gray wig, i really wanted have gray hair because granny hair is so hype now days image
so, i decide buy a gray wig than dye my hair become granny hair image
reason i bought it because lots a reviewer says this brand quite good

EOS Choco Brown Circle Lens
okay ! actually this circle lens i bought because i am so curious and lots people using natural contact lens now days 
so my choice fall to EOS Choco Brown

Mizzu Perfect Wear Eyeliner & Mizzu Smart Liner
Mizzu eyeliner become my favorite after my most favorite eyeliner in the world that is dolly wink are dry 
because im so lazy join preorder so i decide buy Mizzu Perfect wear for replace my Dolly Wink Eyeliner
although the price quite cheap than dolly wink, the performance also quite good image
and i bought Mizzu Smart Liner because i am so curious lots people said the performance more good than Perfect Wear image

My Bud  Beauty Blender Sponge
I did like using Beauty Blender for application BB Cream or Foundation because the result will more flawless than using brush image
so i decide buy My Bud Beauty Blender Sponge for replace my old sponge image

Etude House Drawing Eye Brow
Etude House Eye Brow pencil are most favorite eyebrow pencil, so i always restock it. image

A'pieu Rilakkuma Air Fit Cushion #Light beige
I am a big fans of Rilakkuma, actually i wanted buy all A'pieu Rillakuma series but i need thinking twice image
so i decide buy the Air Fit Cushion because i really love using cushion from A'pieu image
and this Rilakkuma case so kawaii the max image

A'pieu Marker Pen Tint #CR02
This is are my birthday present from my partner of crime image
actually she wanted to buy it and ask me for order it because she stay far far away from my city and JNE cannot reach her place image
so she also ask me order this tint for myself too image

Holika Holika Gudetama Face 2 Change Photo Ready Cushion BB
i cannot stop thinking for to get it because the case so kawaii image
actually this cushion quite expensive image
but but image
i cant hold myself to get it image
and this is my 1st time trying holika holika brand (beside eyeliner pencil) and i will review it soon image

Peripera Water Cushion #002
this is my 3rd cushion i bought this month image
okay i become too addict with cushion BB now days because too easy to apply it on my face image
i bought it because i really love the packaging and kim soo hyun become my role models after i watched her drama that is "Let's Fight Ghost" and "Page Turner" image
kim soo hyun also peripera Brand Ambassador image
and i think this cushion is little bit darker than my other cushion image
because i always using No. 21 Light Beige, but in most online shop i search only available Natural Beige
so i decide bought it in Natural Beige shade image

Bioaqua Snow Cushion BB
ehemm my 4th cushion BB i bought in this month image
i bought it because i am so curious image
andddd the price also damn cheap around IDR35K image
i will review it ASAP

Bioaqua Black Cream Acne Pulling Mask
i buy it for replace my daiso charcoal mask, i really love using it because working well for pulling my white head and the price also quite cheap image

Bioaqua Aqua Eye Sheet Mask Panda Blue
because i always lack of sleep, so i need eye mask for refreshing and make my panda eyes go away image

Bioaqua Collagen Nourish Lips Mask
after i working, lipstick is a must items i wore everyday image
and for make my lips keep moist and no crack i often scrubbing my lips
i am so interest for try lips mask 
so i decide buy Bioaqua lips mask because this mask so cute and the price also cheap image

Bioaqua V Shaped Sheet Mask Golden Gold 
i am so curious for try this kind of mask, who know my double chin will disappear image

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser
my favorite primer from Estee Lauder is empty and actually i already buy 3CE Silky Balm Pore image
but 3CE no efficient to use, because i need open the cap, then use the spatula and spread it on my skin 
so i decide buy maybelline pore eraser because the price so reasonable and this is one of my wishlist from last year

Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express
actually i seldom using mascara because seems like my eye lashes no work with it 
but my friends say this mascara quite great for make her lashes clumpy image
so decide buy it and because clearance sale or last stock from the shop
i get it with cheapo price image

Beauty Eyelash Adhesive
because my eyelash glue almost dry and finish image
so i decide buy another one
and i choose this eyelash glue because it's so cheap and i hope this eyelash glue working well 

Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint
okayyy i get possessed after saw it, put in on my cart and pay it image
i buy all shade and i quite happy because the performance is great image
but bye bye my monehh image

Mediheal Mask Line Friend
i bought it because this mask are so cute image
and i am big fans of LINE character image

Forencos 7 Days Mask Sheet
actually i am not a big fans of Song Jong Ki oppa 
because my friends wanted to buy this and i am a mask sheet lovers image
so i guess this is worth to try because i reading a review this mask is quite good image
i only buy 3 mask from 7 variant
and i am so impressed with the mask result on my skin image
gonna repurchase it soon image

Silky Girl Eau de Toilette Bulgarian Rose
Perfume is must items for me and i am big fans of Bulgarian rose image
i think this perfume price reasonable and long lasting image

so, that's all my birthday haul 
i know i spend too much money for this haul
but but but it's present for my goal last year image

thank you for reading
see you in another post 
see yaaaaaaa

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