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Sunday, 9 March 2014

~ Sponsor Review ~ Naomi FakeLashes

if you are follower of my Instagram ---> check at side bar 
you will know if I fake lashes lover because I post my fake lashes collection on my Instagram 
actually i didn't use fake lashes for my daily make up
hahahaha image
I was very shy to use heavy makeup
because of family would stare at me with a strange look 
so, I just use false eyelashes just in the blogosphere 
I'm actually very like using false eyelashes 
because it can make my eyes look more up and dolly 
moreover I love gyaru style makeup 

so, today I wanted to review one of my favorite lashes 
The lashes I used often lately
that "Naomi Fake Lashes" 

Naomi eyelash is eyelashes made ​​in Indonesia 
and the design is very chic and lovely for daily days or party 
and I was glad because Naomi eyelash kindly send 4 pairs of lashes for review purpose 

❣ Packing :

Rating  / 5 Cherry

Naomi Eyelash Packing or box is so color full 
and seems like party theme if I compare with previous packing 
in behind box have direction how to use eyelashes with English Language
and Japanese word is about the product
if Naomi Eyelashes is 100% handmade 

❣ Fake Lashes :

 Naomi Eyelash 42 

Rating / 5 cherry

this is my favorite eyelashes 
because this giving my eyes natural dolly effect
and have perfect length for asian eyes 
this eyelashes easy to use 
and i reusable this fake lashes already 4 times
the glue on fake lashes easy to clean

 Naomi Eyelash Angel Wink 

Rating  / 5 Cherry

As the name "Angel Wink"
this lashes very pointy image
but this lashes very natural when use
and very light too
but this lashes very long for small eyes

 Naomi Eyelash 26d 

Rating  / 5 Cherry

this eyelashes is very thin and light if we use
but this lashes too clumpy and long for my eye 
and I have problem when I use this lashes
because too flexible 
very hard to put on my eye line there 
but in real, this eyelashes very natural for daily look image

 Naomi Eyelash Pretty 

Rating  / 5 Cherry

do you want dolly look ?
you must try this lower lashes 
I love the design of lower lash 
because make my eyes more pop and bigger
the design is very unique too 
easy too use and reusable

❣ Overall :

 What I like ?

   The design of fake lashes is very pretty and unique
   Suitable for Asia eyes
   Very light, feel doesn't wear fake lashes and very comfortable
   Very cute packing
   Reusable, 1 pair fake lashes I can use 5 or 7 time depends how you clean and take care the lashes
   100% Handmade

  What I Dislike ?

   No glue include
   Hard to get in local store, so you must buy it Online

image Where I get ? image

Facebook : Naomi Eyelash
Instagram : Naomi_Eyelash (Private Account)
Line : naomieyelash
Hp : 089611545002
Thank you for reading image
and see you in another post

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