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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

~Haul~ Yeayyyy!! Let's Open My Fukubukuro Haul

Hello girlss it's been long time i didn't update my blog anymore 
since camera I use lost and gone for forever 
make me felt so down and become lazy for taking a picture image
so i back use my old camera and make a big different resolution picture than before image
actually i want buy new camera ASAP ,, but my bf say "NO"
because he want buy the camera for me image
i didn't hope too much about this actually
but, I really need that now ..
so depressed if all my picture I take is blurr image
make me wanna scream image

and few days ago i lil a bit busy with my real activity image
because i busy packing this and that 
so i need rest, because I getting sick after working hard  image
and I got problem with my eye
make me cannot use contact lens for few week image
i will back soon ,,
hahahahah image

because, i don't want my blog full of dust image
so today i wanna show you about my fukubukuro haul image
actually, i have bought many new make up product
but i lazy put it on my haul post image
because i forget for snap the picture on it
LOL image
i buy this fukubukuro few month ago
and i just snap the picture few days ago
because im still in happy atmosphere when see what i got image
so scroll down ! image

I choose K-Palette and Candy Doll Product as my Fukubukuro Haul image
because i haven't try their product yet image
and in K-Palette fukubukuro,  i hope will get eyebrow product and concealer
if Candy Doll i interesting with their lips stick product
since this is Fukubukuro ak. Lucky Bag
so i cannot hope too much will get what i wish or not
LOL image

K-Palette Fukubukuro come with glossy paper bag
remember me with shopping bag image
so nothing special with the bag
i have bought 2 K-Palette Fukubukuro actually image
because Mimi say the bag not special so she give me 1 bag for i keep
and all items stuck in 1 bag image

so... i have 6 product ( 1 mix with candy doll fukubukuro image)
and 2 of them not from K-Palette because a complicated reasonimage
so Mimi decide for change the product with other product
and of course i accept it because i no reason for reject it
hahahahah image

image K-PALETTE Real Lasting Eyepencil 24h Waterproof image

image サナ スーパークイック シャイニーシャドウライナー 01 (Sana Super Quick shiny shadow liner 01) image

image K-パレット ネイルオン 19 パーティーゴールド (K-Palette nail on 19 Party Gold) image
¥ 945 (Around $14! LOL image)

          image Canmake Four Shiny Eyes (#11 Peach Chocolate) image

Candy Doll product is 1 of my wishlist beside Urban Decay Palette image
i fall in love with their lipstick product
but i must think twice for buy expensive lipstick image
because still a lot i want buy
hahahaha image
and when Mimi post this Fukubukuro without thinking I order it image
Candy Doll Fukubukuro have 2 version
With Box and With Bag
because i see the box is very cute, so i choose box
although the cost lil a bit expensive than bag image

when i open the box (since mimi didn't spoiler about what inside, she only say it's worth image)
i lil a bit shock and happy /of course image
because i have 1 product that i put on my wishlist
yeahh! image
and 1 product which i think i will never try it
that is the liquid foundation image
so "IT'S REALLY WORTH" image

image Candy Doll Lip Concealer image

image Candy Doll Lipstick Ramune Pink image

image Candy Doll Liquid Foundation 01 image

image Dolly Wink Base Coat image

so this is inside my fukubukuro image
i quite disappointed with K-Palette fukubukuro image
because all K-Palette Fukubukuro inside the bag is same image
and make me bit happy with K-Palette fukubukuro because i get Sana Super Quick Shadow Liner
totally different than Fukubukuro 2013 image
but it's worth
if i calculating it with how much i pay for buy the fukubukuroimage
maybe next time i will try to buy again image

So see you in another post


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