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Saturday, 12 October 2013

~Sponsor Review~ Pinkcoco Original From Taiwan - Strawberry Toffee (W01841)

hellow girls 
anyone miss me ?
i'm sorry for lack update my blog these month
because i always busy with my real life 
my holiday is weekend and that time i so tired >.<
i work at 7am - 5pm and continue school at 6.30pm - 11pm
my activity make me eat once per day
hahaha think it is a diet program 
today i want review the famous thing recently a lot of beauty blogger wore it :P
yappp .. if you scroll my post maybe you already knew it haha
that's "WIG"
besides cosplay wig, i also buy daily wigs from china
cheapo wigs on ebay, because shiny and made from synthetic i never used it again
because the wig is curly and I cannot use it anymore >,< / 
and i'm so happy when Hazelnutz Cawaii contact me and sponsor me a wig 

the packet arrive safely at my home 3 days after my birthday >,<
i love the packing :P . because i love hello kitty ,, i fell like get special present when my birthday

In the package there is a small hand bag from Hazelnut Cawaii
pink bag and a very kawaii
I very rarely find an online shop which is very good packing :P
usually only use bubble warp or with plastic

Pinkcoco original always comes with bag, not like fake Pinkcoco or that we often see in Facebook or Online Shop 
with packing white paper box and Pinkcoco logo or words print
it's true if Pinkcoco come with white packing before, not "PAPER BOX" but always comes with "BAG" 
because many Fake Pinkcoco wig
original seller from Taiwan also replace them with a pink bag and now they replace it with black bag
and I can use this bag for carry my heavy book too :P

inside plastic wig Pinkcoco , not comes with the wig only
but with iron combs and hair cap
and it is free when you purchase Pinkcoco original from Taiwan
There are bussines cards from Pinkcoco original from Taiwan
you can check yourself at their Official Facebook
not only a business card the give, in the wig they hanging a sign if the wig is original not super quality as sold in the online shop
when Hazelnutz Cawaii owner told me to pick which one wig I want to try
I'm so confused
because a lot of choice
if I can I want to try everything
because I have black hair
so, I want to have the ombre hair color
but my parents do not allow me
so, I choose the color strawberry toffee
and slightly curly
strawberry toffee color tends to red brown color and pink highlights
if not use a flash, this wig colors tend to dark brown
the color it's look so natural

the top of this wig like human scalp
and make us not feel too hot while using wig
and on the inside of a pink hook
do not like fake Pinkcoco had black hook
and we can also easily adjust the size of the wig to the size of our heads

This photo was taken when I first tine use Pinkcoco wig
many people thought if this wigs is my real hair 
because this wig texture is very smooth
This wig also very easy to set up, because it is made from kanekalon fiber which is equivalent to the texture of human hair
still remember about Pinkcoco promotion that is made from real hair
and on sale very cheap
actual wig with real hair it is very expensive
may not be on sale at a very cheap price

This wig actually very curly
I'm actually very scared to use a curly wig, because it is very difficult in the comb and style
plus cannot cover my chubby cheek >,<
not with this wig Pinkcoco 
This wig is very easy to set up and in comb
I actually really like the texture of this wig than my original hair
bangs of this wig is actually so long to my size
so I had to cut it
fourth among my photos when using this Pinkcoco wig
looks a bit shiny, but we can outsmart by using baby powder
i very recommend you to buy Pinkcoco original from taiwan
maybe little expensive than fake Pinkcoco wig
but it's worth okay, because the price is include shipping from Taiwan using EMS 1 week and get freebies
and the quality this wig also very great
this wig also very thick if you compare with fake Pinkcoco wig
so, don't confuse for choose Pinkcoco Original from Taiwan :P

Where to buy ?
I get my wig at Hazelnutz Cawaii 
Hazelnutz Cawaii sell many "WIGS" from Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China with reasonable price
and the wigs they sell is 100% Original , you can check at ---> Hazelnutz Cawaii Notes
Contact :
Facebook Page --> Hazelnutz Cawaii
Whatsapp --> 08179977333
LINE ID/KakaoTalk/Kik --> chimitsugroup
Twitter --> yoshimitsu_yumi
Instagram --> chimitsugroup

Arigato for reading girls, I'm so sorry for lack update my blog >,<
but I will promise for more update in this month :D
see you in another post girls and good night >,< <3

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