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Sunday, 27 October 2013

~Sponsor Review~ Japan Softlens "Ageha Natural Brown"

I promise to diligently update my blog
but, I'm very busy lately
a lot I have to do
packing stuff and make my hands muscular
but thank god, i lost my weight

today I want to review one contact lens which I think is very comfortable when in use than other brands
that is

Ageha / Selection Models
NATURAL BROWN [minus] 16.0mm
Minus lens ~ -8.00 ± 0:00
When used 16.0mm diameter (DIA14.5mm)
BC 8.9
Contents: 1 Box contents 2 Pcs (1Set)
JAPAN models
Want eyes look bigger, but natural in the eyes.? Ageha Natural Brown suitable for the need to be different but no visible wear contact lens. With a faint soft lens periphery (not firm or thick), the contact lens is suitable for school, college, and offices. This comfortable soft lens manufactured using cast molding process, so worn from morning to night without eye drops were still comfortable. *
* For those who have sensitive eyes, as she felt somewhat dry eyes, immediately use eye drops.

japan contact lens comes with magenta pink box and heve the image of a butterfly and flowerly 
so pretty box hehe
corresponding to the name "Ageha" which means butterfly
If you are a fan of the style Gyaru , certainly no stranger to the word "Ageha"
japan 's contact lens manufacturing from one famous contact lens brand with the comfortable that is  "Dueba"
and Dueba has become one my favorite brand of contact lenses because this lens very comfortable when i use daily
inside box Japan Softlens include instructions, 1 pair contact lens and free lenscase
there are instructions in the box of contact lenses correct use , how to use , and about the contact lens ,
I'm very lazy translate it , because then it will be a long post
and there is also have free lenscase
plus 1 pair of contact lenses in the form of blister
why in the form of blister ?
because now a lot of fake contact lenses that are sold freely , and it is very dangerous for the health of our eyes
and if using a blister , is not likely to be used again
not only that I also got free a lipstick -shaped pen 
and this is very cute hahah

owner japan softlens choose me a natural brown color contact lenses 
when I saw this contact lens, the word come in my mind is  "brown contact lenses again"
because I've had a lot of brown-colored contact lenses
but the color and pattern of the soft contact lens is a little different from the other brown
the colors are not too thick looks very natural 

This lens has a diameter of 14.5mm and when use to be 16mm 
and I love the use of contact lenses that give effect dolly eyes 
the color of the contact lens is almost the same as the original color of my eyes
and many people thought I did not use contact lenses
because the pattern of contact lens is very natural

This contact lens is really comfortable when used
and I'm like do not use contact lenses
usually often feel there is a rebound while using contact lenses
but this does not
and it was so comforting, I almost use this contact lens to sleep
when I'm working or watching Korean dramas, I often see the computer screen
and it makes my eyes feel blurry when using contact lenses
because my eyes are getting tired because it was too long at a computer screen
but when using it I do not feel my eyes blurry and tired >,<
very suitable for people who have sensitive eyes

Overall :
I love use this soft lens for daily use 
because the color is so natural, it can make my eyes look big but giving you natural impression
especially if you love the ulzzang makeup
and if you have sensitive eyes and wanted to try contact lens 
I highly recommend this Japan Softlens
other than that I also wanted to try another series 
like the color of tri tone
because it's suitable for use as gyaru make-up 

Where I get ?
This Softlens Sponsored by Japan Softlens
Facebook Page : Japan SoftLens
Web :
PIN BB : 25A8140C
WA : 081807909033
LINE : YuliaLusiana

Thank you for reading <3
see you in another post >,< 

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