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Monday, 28 January 2013

~Duo Review~ Geo Princess Mimi Sesame Grey & Dolly Wink No.5 #Real Nude

It's maybe to be longggg post.. にゃ
I will review 2 product today,じゅる・・
Recently, i busy packing my clothes n etc.. 汗
Make me so tired.. huhuhu 泣
A lot of product i want to review. so today i will review 2 product in 1 row hahahha 嬉しいw
today i wanna review 2 product, it's Geo Princess Mimi Sesame Grey & Dolly Wink No.05 #Real Nude
Both of product is Produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka  きゅんっ

リボン-borderpink First Review
actually i bought this lens almost 2 month ago..
i not too interest buy 3 tone lens because i ハート natural looking circle lens ..
i know about this lens few years ago .. on youtube. a lot of people like challenge review this lens ..  ひよざえもん がーん
no wonder a lot of people buy this lens, because this lens produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka ..
actually i want buy Apple Green Color,
because i wanted to try Green Color .. ププッ・・・
but my seller say, she sell Apple Green Color is no Degree orz
because i really want try this lens, so i choose Sesame Grey,
i read other review, Sesame Grey will looking good with people have black hair ..ハート

Specification :
リラックマ Diameter : 15.00mm
リラックマ B.C : 8.70
リラックマ Water Content : 38 %
リラックマ Duration : 6-12 Month
リラックマ Brand : Geo

this lens has 3 tone .. as you can see the outer ring is Black, second is Grey, & third is yellow ..
the pattern remind me with daisy flowers .. あひゃっ
my opinion this lens will make your eye more life, sexy & mysterious いやぁん
if you do cat eyes looks, this lens very suitable for you, キティ×笑2

this lens very thin & comfortable ..
i use this lens almost 8 hours without tear drop is still comfort にこっ
this lens also will make your eye had dolly eyes ..
because the DM is quite big . but, i read few review about this lens,
they feel so scary insert this lens, because the DM is so big . ぷぷ
for me the DM this lens not big .. because i learn how to insert circle lens on my eye wit 16mm lens, and that is so comfortable,
don't so scary la with big DM, since have 1 product circle lens have DM until 20mm 煙管

リボン Lens on My Eyes

With Flash

thats how the lens looks on my eyes, i really ハート☆ the color & the pattern, the color is show up, but giving you pretty eyes, not alien eyes ,i so afraid use 3 tone color, because make your eye looks alien or etc ..
but this lens will giving me sexy cat eyes ,, hahaha

さくらんぼ The price is adorable 
さくらんぼ make my eyes more life
さくらんぼ comfortable
さくらんぼ giving dolly eyes

さくらんぼ not any

Repurchase : Yes .. in another color ..
Almond ? Apple Green ?

Rating :
バラ バラ バラ バラ バラ

りぼん Second Review

i always wanted to try lower falshie,, but i didn't found natural lower falshie, falshie at cosmetict shop is so long.. almost same with the upper falshie えー
i ordering this lower falshie with Dolly wink No.2 ,,
and this falshie come with new packing ラブ目

Tsubasa in retro style is so kawaii ... きゃはっ♪
the packing color is same with older color that is black, looks so cute right まるちゃん風

Dolly wink always come with 2 pair falshie & glue, last time i see DW giving 3 pair for this falshie, and that is limited edition ... じぃ~
because i already order this falshie with new packing, i must throw far far far away for buy the falshie with 3 pair ... because ... its so expensive ....... 怒り

Old version DW is always come with clear band, because this will giving you natural falshie looks, i'm not too pro use lower falshie and i need tweezer when put in on my eyes .. ん~・・・。
the glue is super quick dry, because this is 1st time i use lower falshie, ya always fail.. hahaha

Falshie on my eyes

the falshie is very natural. not giving you fake looks or etc,
the clear band is show on lil a bit on my eyes, ・・・

さくらんぼ Cute packing
さくらんぼ natural looks
さくらんぼ can i use many times ..
さくらんぼ free glue

さくらんぼ expensive
さくらんぼ hard to get in local store
さくらんぼ i need tweezer when using it

Repurchase : Maybe yes .. lol

Rating :


This is my 1st time i post my Selca .. ああっ
bacause i have reason, why i never or seldom post my picu, because my ex bf say i'm a ugly .. 泣き1
because of that i so lazy selca & etc ,, lol
not because he said me a ugly or wat, but he say that with my best friend and now be his GF ブチッ

btw thanks for reading my long post ..
and my GIVEAWAY end this nite at 12 am ..
see you in another post にこにこ♪


  1. Hi hun! I'm not into contact lenses but this ones looks really nice on you, really liking the bottom lashes they look really natural! :)

    1. Thank you for comment :D.. the lashes so natural,, u must try it.. hehe