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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

My new activity and sharing about my problem

Hy guys
hows your days xD
Im so tired ︶︿︶
Because new semester and i being class leader ╮(╯_╰)╭
So tired i must call my lecture
Must prepare that n this X﹏X
When reach home feel wanna sleep
I wan chat with my boyfie
I miss him so much
my timetable so blurr
I must meet few lecture for sharing about my subject -O-
Actually i already prepare about my last assign wahahaha #i just semester 3
About my college live,,
Actually my 1st major is "LAW"
far from "ACCOUNTING"
Because i love politic and debate xD
I like sharing opinion what must i to do for make live to be joyfull,
I like talking,, and "nalar" #i dont know in english
So i never study when exam xD
I answer all my paper like what i thinking,
Remember when i secondary school,
Sains subjects, very difficult and i dont know how to answer
And i sit front my teacher and that exam for graduate,, i answer with what i know, few i answer like my opinion xD
N my score is -A xD or 8 xD
More cool again,, when final exam math ,,
Actually i dont like math X﹏X
When exam i answer, i count until cry
Ask my frens abit xD
And my score is +A or 9,80
Im so shock Σ( ° △ °|||)︴
How could my score so high xD
But i must thanks full with god ∩__∩
But, i lil abit jealous,
Because i have high score my parent never mind it ︶︿︶
My dad also almost forget my ages, and what is my grade,
My mum, only ya... said congratz
I want if got like presents
My bday also ︶︿︶
Only my boyfie gve me presents ::>_<::
I bought presents for myself, for make me happy
I love collecting dolls
My rooms full with dolls xD
And i get scold from 6yo gals →_→ my sister
She said →_→ isa already old always buy dolls
Σ( ° △ °|||)︴ damn her,,,
I don't know why, alot kids like so old ╮(╯_╰)╭
Alot of on tv about story love,, love song -O-
All for 17yo++
My sister like watch that soap opera ╭(╯ε╰)╮ 
I better watch spongebob
I think program for kids is important, than watching like soap opera ╮(╯_╰)╭
Not important anymore
Somemre the story, like bullshit (~_~メ)
Because i want all ppl knw my opinion
Because of that i take "LAW"
but my mum make depressed
She angry make i have white hair
Like i wrong born in this family ︶︿︶
She want me to be accountant
Ya i like count
But i think i must choose my own way
Because i who life, this is my life, u like or don't like, i don't care, because i know what i to do,
If what i to do is true or its okay for me,
Its problem with u, or masalah buat elo??
You know my post about bossy people
He make me lol
You think who you are?
My boss?
Who give me salary??
Head accounting no complaint what i to
You is complaint
You are just staff,, just title make me different with you
Somemore he just new staff ╮(╯_╰)╭
Feel so bossy
said me cnt work
Although he said with other staff
I heard what he talking about,
What i to do its not your business
At least i never make a problem with my transaction
He said i lazy with you, i said again i more lazy,
Yest, i bring my laptop, i already finish check the transaction, i open my laptop bcz sme1 ask my data,
He come and said want help me , if i close my laptop
Hah?? Want make my transaction blurr Σ( ° △ °|||)︴
His transaction always blurr →_→
When i want check my email
I always got email from shop at malaysia for items at my office
Since my pc in lock cnt access internet
So i must use my laptop
He sms me
Ask me do my transaction which ady finish
like scold me
I no read n delete
Bothering me
He like judge me, he think he is who?? Superhero,
Short like that →_→
I if work, i better work self, i dont like if people help me, because i more know what i to do, and i also love perfectsionist, so i know what i to more detail, so no mistake,
I like help people, but i dont like people help me, thats because, when i have group assigns, me who work,
Since that time, i ask their $ and i work, i never believe again about v are group
Ah,,, thats bullshit (~_~メ)
I also hate when ppl support me,,
Like when i work i must calm,
I hate if people said like support , gambate gambate like tat with tone bluff me →_→
Better dont talk with me,
i love calm when workin, like this is my world, so what with you?

Now, i feel wanna quit →_→
For make that bossy ppl work more dying,
Searching another job more better, since i working already 1 year,
And my salary havent raise up
Better i quit,
i wanted work at SG or USA,,
I work hard, same like staff have title degree,
With lower salary and bossy ppl
Ah no (--〆)凸

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