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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Join MuiMiu Make Up & Style Challenge + Video Tutorial

Hy my dears ~^O^~
What are you doing ↖(^ω^)↗
I'm so happy right now
Muimiu will giveaway 2 ticket BIG BANG CONCERT IN JAKARTA FOR FREE XD
im so so excited join this giveaway
who didnt know BIG BANG
Famous boys band from south korea 0^◇^0)/
I love BIG BANG songs ↖(^ω^)↗
I know BIG BANG from song Haru
Love it this songs
And my boyfie also VIP o>_<o~
In BIG BANG, im big fans TOP
Rapper in BIG BANG
I love his voice
And he ever fat also, and he challenge him self to be like now
Although he fat, he keep handsome
And from history he is same with me o>_<o~
I ever join singing competition, because somethng they disqualitif me ˋ︿ˊ
At least i know, why they do that ︶︿︶
And that make me sad until now
Because of that
Make me more love him xD
When i heard BIG BANG CONCERT at Jakarta

Im so happy and i save my money for buy ticket concert o>_<o~
And when i wanna buy the ticket, i don't know the line error and the website be error, and when i wanna buy all "SOLD OUT"
Then my tears out π_π
Front PC im crying o>_<o~
Bcz i wanted to watch this concert so long time ago
And i already prepare everything o>_<o~
Now that's only a dream
Hard to be come true
But when i going IBB page *i everyday come to IBB page for read blog o>_<o~ my hobby
I see 1st post

I so so happy see her post
i fell just now i meet with a angel xD
In that post write how to join her giveaway
That is
Because BIG BANG is from south korea
We must MAKE UP& STYLE like Korea K-POP
i'm choose Park Bom XD
because her hair is long and i love her looks  ><
remind me with BJD
i love her voice ><
so cute
her hair is brown TT
and my hair is black
maybe my style to copy her style is fail TT
because i haven prepare it ><
wear bat wings hello kitty clothes
my hair i ironing for more straight like her hair ><
my bangs also i cut XD
i think my face is so weird ><
far from cute -o-
my make up inspired from her MV

This is my video tutorial

~Eyes Looks~


wish me luck guys
because i really want this ticket so much
i want watch big bang concert so badly
ever i swear, when i can watch big bang concert
i will dye my hair into baby blue as TOP
/nekad hahaha 
don forget visit her blog for more information about he giveaway
thanks for reading ><
wish i would win
amen >pq<

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